It's Sunday, alright..

I bought this over-sized knit cardigan for next to nothing earlier this week at Gina Tricot, and when I say next to nothing I mean $8. I guess that's the story of my wardrobe. I rarely splurge, but when I do it's usually on shoes. I would probably never spend as much on a dress as I did on my most recent shoes, I just don't think it's worth it. Shoes usually last longer, and in most cases what you pay equals its quality. That's not always the case when it comes to clothes. I usually shop on final sales or go thrifting; and it really works for me. I actually think H&M clothes are expensive, so I don't buy anything from them. My shopping-spree this Friday included two over-sized shirts, a floral dress, a knit skirt and a little black dress - all for $43. That's $8 a piece. My magic number, it seems.

How much do you spend on clothes? What is luxury, normal, budget and cheap?

I'm wearing Gina Tricot knit cardigan, Cubus thigh-high stockings, H&M sweater underneath, vintage belt, Cubus scarf and shoes via

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  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    wow, you lucky..what a beautiful cozy sweater in my most favorite color! ;)


  2. What great buys! That long cardigan looks magnificent with your fringed scarf and belt. Those extra large pockets are nice. I have from time to time overspent on clothes but not very often. I generally know what I'm looking for and spend a lot of time looking and comparing. For me, anything over $50 is luxury and $8 is cheap with respect to tops or skirts. I tend to cruise the big department stores. The full briefs I buy are generally a good deal. I have to agree with you that price isn't necessarily indicative of quality. Your outfit is proof of that. Great quality and looks at a bargain price.

  3. shoes difinitely get the biggest budget, between £50-£70. Because you want them to last a long time i guess. With clothes i occasionally splureg but £40 is the usually limit for one skirt/jumper/ dress/ pair of shorts. Vintage is always the best because its CHEAP so i can save up for some jeffrey campbells. Love your wedges by the way x

  4. love it!

  5. Hi Barbro,

    Looking good! This outfit is fantastic. Love your coat! Looks perfect with the scarf. Love your wedges!

    en la moda

  6. Everything you wear just seems to be so comfi! Love your style!

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  7. i rarely splurge either!! i thrift almost evvverything. you look beautiful in those colors with all the snow! great shoes

  8. 8 is actually my lucky number! :D

    I've actually been trying to change my habits to match my budget. I'm trying this new only-buy-investment-pieces I buy something relatively expensive (or that was expensive but is now on sale) and just remix the hell out of it.

    I just bought an oversized shirt (dress, I guess) for $7 yesterday and it's AMAZING...but I try to just buy quality. If it's cheap, that's good. If it's not...I wait till the sale!

    I guess it's hard to find a balance.

    Castle Fashion

  9. That cardi is AMAZING! Awesome finding! Loving this style too, it's loose and fantastic! :)))

    I don't like to spend much in clothes, either. However, I don't have many thrift-stores in my hometown, unfortunately, so I have to buy most of the things on regular stores. I do most of my shopping at sales, when I grab things for 3,5,6 or 10€. But I won't mind given up to 35-40€ for a piece of clothing of a new collection. If I love it! ;)

  10. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I love, LOVE, that knit cardigan! I might have to stop by Gina Tricot tomorrow to see if they have any left..

    I spend next to nothing on clothes these days -I bought a pair of cheap shoes on DinSko a month and a half ago and that's everything clothing-related I've bought so far in 2011. I blame it on living alone on a student economy and saving for London! But, I love sales... though I rarely buy anything there because I never know if I want the item for itself or for the cheap price..

  11. I try to keep to a monthly budget of $50.
    My Heart Blogged

  12. I agree that you should splurge on shoes rather than clothes. Unless it is a investment piece like a coat or dress for a special occasions. Love the outfit, never would of guessed that cardigan was only $8! :)

  13. Love the outfit, your face is so cute. :)

    I love good quality clothes but on a low price. :D

  14. love it! cute

    nice vblog, follow for shure

    come by

  15. i'm a thrifty shopper too i love a good bargain and like you i spend the most on shoes. wow they're stockings i actually thought they were leggings and i love a good chunky knit :)

  16. I'm loving your cardigan so mutch! It looks so cosy and warm! You did a great job!

  17. i shop loads in charity shops not so high street shops are like ridiculously expensive for me now. i just got a silk top for £2 today and ive seen one nearly the same in topshop for about £40.

  18. I loved the outfit, and i prefer to spend like 100€ in many clothes than 100€ in one top or one bag
    xo, Luisa

  19. I don't spend a lot of money on clothes: I love secondhand/vintage, so ;D

    I love this outfit!!!


  20. simply and quietly breathtaking


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