The Golden Gate is Red

I love San Francisco! I'm currently sitting downtown at the Chictopia office trying to stay awake; which is kind of hard considering it's 2 a.m back in Norway. After traveling for about 24 hours and being stuck on a plane for about 15 of them; I was more than happy when I finally stepped out on American ground for the very first time.At 9 a.m I met up with some chic chicks from Chictopia and Kmart to drink coffee and eat some breakfast; while we checked out our goodiebags with Cisco flip cameras, a magazine and some other goodies. Then we headed over to a gigantic Kmart on the other side of town to spend our awesome gift-certificates. I figured I had to spend it all at once since Kmart doesn't ship to Norway (yet) - so I ended up walking out of there with two stuffed bags of clothes. People looked at me funny. Then I met a guy named Grant, who is originally from Denmark - but moved here before he was born. Yes, I am aware of how weird that sounds.
We went to a wonderful Chinese restaurant for lunch, where we let the owner himself decide what we should eat. Out came amazing soups, noodles and salads with rice - unlike anything I've ever tasted. Surely, this is the most amazing Chinese food I have ever eaten.
I love San Francisco! More pictures coming soon, I promise.

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  1. Everything sounds and looks amazing. I can feel how happy you're right now.
    Keep enjoying it Ok? To the very end :)

    Kisses Barbro, enjoy, be carefull and happy :)

  2. Have fun. That's so cool you go to have goodie bags, and gift cards to Kmart. I love Kmart's bongo line.
    My Heart Blogged

  3. I'm a San Franciscan (born and raised) and a big fan of yours, so I am thrilled to hear you are in my neighborhood! I hope you have fun here! You're lucky, the weather seems to be cooperating!

  4. uh nice pictures of nice food :D

  5. Anonymous9:32 AM

    great pics ;)))

  6. Anonymous5:35 PM

    W-O-W ! Your so lucky ! Cant wait for more pictures from your trip to the big USA ;)

    Have a magic weekend! <3

    BIG xx

    Mr Johansen

  7. I might die while seeing these pictures. Going to Frisco have been one of my biggest dreams since I was about 12. :) Wow! SO cool to see pictures and hear about your days. Hope it's all awesome! :) Can't wait to see you when you're back so we can have a coffee and talk about everything. :D

  8. I'm glad you are having fun state-side!!

  9. To me San Francisco was like a nightmare. That was probably because my hotel was located in Tenderloin district :-S

  10. I love SF! I hope you get to visit Japantown, and the People's buidling, and visit the Baby, the Stars shine Bright store.

    Have fun!

  11. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Sorry, but your blog is completely unreadable. Perhaps you should stick to your native language.

  12. Amazing. I know you'll love it.


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