Guess what; I'm not a Robot

So, I realized something the other day.. It seems I never share what I wear when I'm just chilling at home. To be honest, there's nothing fabulous about it; but it really is a big part of who I am - and I thought I'd share todays choices. Actually, this kind of sums it all up in general. I've grown to love these harem pants and I wear them all the time. You know I'm a big fan of over-sized clothes, and though I may look like a sack of potatoes -it really is the most comfortable way to go.
Wearing Outfitters Nation harem pants, Cubus tee, Monki cardigan and random sneakers. Quote by marina and the Diamonds.

So I, like, take pictures of myself and put it on the internets

I don't know what it is about Mondays, I just don't like them. Nothing seems to go my way and everything is just ass. Yes, ass. I don't have any other word to describe it. I put on something comfortable and double-belted it, wore my favorite boots and put on some uneven lipstick. A friendly hype on Lookbook, which by the way is open for everyone now, would probably make me feel a little bit better though..
I'm wearing an over-sized cardigan from Monki, Shikka lace dress, BikBok half jersey/pleather leggings, two vintage belts and boots via Isa Dora Chelsea Red (140) lipstick.

Stupid, pretty dress!

I hate wearing tight clothes, they make me feel like a sausage - but I had to wear this one nonetheless. Stupid, pretty dress! You may have noticed the little YouTube-thingy posted below.. Someone asked me how much time I spend on my shoots, and I thought I'd answer it here. I usually spend about 5 to 15 minutes from the moment I step outside my door. It really depends on how I feel and if I'm truly satisfied with what I'm wearing. I try to find a location that suits my mood and brings out the colors I'm wearing. It also depends on where the light comes from; that's usually what takes most time! I don't like messy pictures either.I'm wearing green lace dress and sheer tights from BikBok, knits from Cubus, shades via Ebay, chain necklace from a marked, vintage green bracelet and assorted jewelry. Boots via


I was inspired by The Clothes Horse and her post about how she too has many failed attempts when photographing her daily wearings. I can't even imagine how many pictures I actually have stored on this computer of me in weird positions, half asleep or in the middle of a blink. But, in my defense; I don't have a remote to my camera and usually just sets it to take 10 pictures in a row. I do not however know why I've saved these pictures. That's a whole other story! This is a series of 326 pictures which I didn't think was good enough for anything, but for some strange reason kept anyways. Yeah, I know - it's a lot! I made this little thing out of them, mostly because I was bored and needed something else to look at for a while other than runway-pictures. I think my blog needed a little break too. Poor bloggy; she's been up all night publishing scheduled posts while I was sound asleep in my bed.
By the way: this is my first ever video-thingy!

Music: Robyn (ft. Royksopp) - None Of Dem

Delvin Lugo

I'm so honored New York stylist Delvin Lugo chose me as the most inspiring dresser in an interview with Sense of Fashion! How awesome is that! I'm somewhat shocked, and kind of embarrassed - but mostly just really flattered! These are two of my favorite pictures from his website.
On Sense of Fashion he said:
Right now, I’m very inspired by Barbro Andersen. This is one of my fave photos of her I find her style intriguing and effortless just like her surroundings."
I also got a feature on the front page. You can read the interview with Delvin Lugo here or check out more of his work at

The leather dress

This is yesterdays outfit at Oslo Fashion Week. I even wore make-up for the occasion! I am loving this dress so much, you have no idea. I felt awesome in it too, and I'm not afraid to say so! I met some pretty awesome girls there; Maren Bjørgum from Lostmyhead and Maria from The New Yorker, as well as the wonderful people from Dagens Outfit (Outfit of the day). I of course met up with Desirée too! It was kind of refreshing wearing a pony-tail too, my head hurts from having that bun all the time!
I'm wearing a vintage leather dress, thrifted belt, vintage green shirt, over-sized knit from Cubus, stockings from Cubus, gifted necklace and shoes from Asos. Bag from Cubus as well. I'll write the posts about the catwalk shows when I have time. I prefer doing it properly, rather than just publishing some random pictures because I can.

Oslo "Fashion" Week

Today the seasonal design-circus kicks off here in Norway. Oslo Fashion Week SS 2011 is on the move! Normally I would be thrilled; have invitations ready, posts and drafts semi-scheduled, as well as outfit planned throughout the week. This time it is very different. I'm kind of ambivalent, actually. Sad, maybe. Provoked, yes.

Throughout the last couple of years I have been very lucky as I've been able to attend Oslo Fashion Week, and I've come to both love and admire this little tradition a great deal. Norway has never really been able to reach out through design before, and I saw this as the beginning of some much needed international appreciation for our underestimated designers. That said, the three different arenas in which Norwegian design has been displayed; OFW, OfF and Moteuka have indeed made some progress, and though they are nowhere near the same league as Copenhagen Fashion Week and Fashion Week by Berns in Stockholm - they are well on their way. Or, in my opinion - were on their way.

As the program for this seasons runway-shows was released last week, I was nothing less than disappointed! I began to wonder what the criteria was when selecting designers for this event? Should one not have some kind of skills; sketching set aside? Should one not be able to handle the art of sewing and make the designs oneself? Is it OK as long as you've got money? Discussions, rumors and childish wordplay spread across the Internet like an epidemic, which I admit I took part in.

I'm all for fresh design and newcomers, natural talent and uneducated creativity - but when people who are famous for being famous are allowed to steal a very attractive spot alongside established and talented designers such as Fam Irvoll, Morami, Vatle and the wonderful newcomer behind Kristar Design - I'm honestly embarrassed! Is this merely OFWs way to get attention; both from the media and bloggers? Is the whole idea to provoke? Did they even take a look at the designers in question?

On the official webpage of Oslo Fashion Week, it clearly says:
"It [OFW] was launched to promote Norwegian fashion design, and to set Norwegian design in an international context. OFW is the main showcase promoting Norwegian designers and their collections."

Then the question would be: is Pia Haraldsen a Norwegian designer? If you don't know her, and you probably don't if you're not Norwegian - she graudated from Goldsmiths College, University of London where she attended media and communications. Pia have written a book about shopping, been a judge on Norwegian Shopaholic and attended the Norwegian version of Dancing with the stars. Her mother was aslo married to the queens nephew for a short period during the 90s and early 00s.
You can see some of her designs here ! I can honestly say that the girl does not have what it takes to earn the title of a Norwegian designer! The first thing that comes to mind aren't very ladylike thoughts, so I'll keep them to myself.

If the criteria is that you live in Norway and can make a sketch: then I'm signing up for Oslo Fashion Week A/W 2011.

This said, I am looking forward to Oslo Fashion Week and some of this years designers. I'm also looking forward to meeting some of my fellow bloggers - and I hope to see you there!

This is a somewhat unusual post for me, but as I am frustrated, I decided to share my opinion on the matter. I'm normally quite careful not to speak my mind and I generally try not to provoke in any way, but this time the matter lies very close to my heart: fair play. Pictures of Pia Haraldsen via,, and

A little taste of Copenhagen

I had a wonderful time in Copenhagen this weekend! The vibe of the city is just pure awesomeness! I thought I'd share some pictures from our little trip, but I never know how to sum up my adventures! This time I'll just share the pictures in one post. I could tell you so much, but I don't know where to start. Vintage shopping, home-brewed beer, delicious food and charming alleys are just some of the things we experienced! All I have to say is that it's no wonder Danes are the happiest people in the world! I'll have to show you some of the gorgeous treasures I found throughout this week!Outfit 1: I'm wearing Bik Bok dress, cardigan and sheer tights, with a gifted necklace, Cubus bag and boots via Outfit 2: Vintage bag from Cavalet found at FN92 in Copenhagen, top via, vintage belt, faux-leather jacket from Cubus, gifted necklace and boots via