Productive hibernation

I've been making some small changes to my layout today, in what can only be described as a state of productive hibernation. I added some pages below my banner which includes some quickie-pages to what's new, an about-page, features, interviews, how to follow me, links and contact information. If you have any suggestions or feel that something is missing, please let me know either via commenting or sending me an a-mail, I'd really appreciate it!
Also, I see there has been made some improvements to Chictopia while I've been away.

Clickety clack, if you will :)

And, if you haven't already, I'd really appreciate it if you were to add me to your Bloglovin. Just click on the lovely lady to your right, and she'll do most of the work :)

Inside I'm dancing

Oh, spring, where are Thou? I am in desperate need of Thy warm embrace..

I'm wearing Club L dress from and Cubus stockings.