This is my shortest video yet, but it's been a really busy month with a week up north and a trip to Stockholm. It's also been freezing outside; and when I say freezing I mean temperatures down to -16 ºC (3.2 ºF) and some days even colder. I don't think I've ever experienced such a cold month in all of my life! I'm even considering breaking my rule of only taking pictures outside in daylight, which gives me a pretty good reason to experiment with light and such. I will have to think about it though, but until then, I'm staying under this blanket.


  1. Great video! I love the last pair of shorts, the orange-y color is gorgeous.

  2. great.. ;)

  3. I recomend you to play with lights on the inside. I almost just took pictures of myself in the inside .

    Ok, that's fucking cold. here we are having sun and stuff, but it's very weird, right now for example, is raining, worst than winter raining, and I'm wearing shorts, Nice. Cold, coming soon.

    Now I can't check out the video cause I'm at the university and internet is quite slow, but as soon as I arrive home, I'll.

    Kisses Barbro. I was very bussy studying, so I couldn't visit your blog, but now I'm back :)

  4. Martine4:26 PM

    er du superfan av Robyn? du bruker hennes musikk i nesten alle videoene du har! :O ikke at det er noe problem, robyn er fet.

    her i Stavanger er det også kjempekaldt, men heldigvis ikke så ille som for dere i oslo... lurer på hvor mange tonn snø det kommer denne vinteren.

    kul blogg forresten :D

  5. @Kellie W.
    Thanks a lot! I love my shorts as well ^^,

    @Des Histoires de Pieds...
    Merci <3

    Thank you, Melissa! So glad to hear from you! I should experiment more for sure, I just can seem to find any inspiration these days. It's so cold! Also, I can't stand badly lit photos, unless it's done in an artistic way - which I have haven't been able to do just yet :p

    Haha, er det så tydelig? :p Jeg liker musikken hennes fordi den er så feelgood, noe jeg synes passer godt inn i videoene mine :) Det gir det liksom det lille ekstra! Akkurat nå er det -15 her i Oslo, og jeg orker ikke tanken på å gå ut en gang! Gleder meg til våren, jeg :p


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