Lindex Fashion Experience

As I might have mentioned; Stockholm was kind of awesome! Story Hotel was located in the middle of Stockholm at Stureplan, and once we were settled in our delicious rooms - we kicked off the trip by dining at the exclusive Riche restaurant. Lindex PR and Press Project Executive Filippa chose the restaurant, where a gastronomical menu consisting of everything from scallops to deer chutney was very beautifully served. We laughed a lot, drank some bubbly treats and beer; while we made fun of each other, talked about ourselves, life, blogging and of course Lindex. Norwegians and Swedes are like that; always making fun of each others differences - much like Americans and Canadians, I guess. So, there we were: five very different girls having a wonderful time - the awesome Filippa, beautiful Ulrikka from Lindex in Göteborg, extraordinary Marie-Amanda from Norway, sweet Louise from Uddevalla and myself.
(Louise, Marie, me and Filippa)

We walked back to the hotel stuffed with gourmet foods and anticipations of the next day; and were supposed to go straight to bed – but somehow I ended up taking a walk to the nearest kiosk. Swedish candy, or godis as they call it, is kind of famous - and I just had to get me some yummies, despite the fact that it was midnight.


The following morning I went down to breakfast with Louise at 8.30, and met Marie outside around 9.30 to take a taxi over to Hammarby Sjöstad where the photoshoot with Carmen Kass was. While the make-up artists did their thing with Carmen and the photographers finished setting the lights, we took some time to document our wearings. The location was just great, an old warehouse with large windows - which gave us this beautiful display of natural light.
We talked to the photographers, stylists and other creatives – which were all very curious about our blogging lives and perspectives; while we got to experience the talented Carmen on set. She is so professional and even more gorgeous up close. How come you never see models laugh like they do on set? It’s so refreshing! The photographer, and former art director, was amazing; and totally hyping Carmens work – dancing, complimenting and directing like a true pro. We also had the pleasure of enjoying an open coffee-bar and other refreshing drinks, as well as an amazing lunch buffet with fish, salads and focaccia.
The whole experience was very inspiring. The girls and I had a wonderful time! I’m so amazed by how much appreciation bloggers get in Sweden; while here in Norway we’re more of a.. menace, I guess. The result of the shoot was pretty awesome, and everyone gathered around the screen to see the result during the final outfit shoot.We rounded up an amazing day with a visit to the Lindex office where we got a small preview of news to come, a little gift and did some shopping on main-street afterwards. I can’t thank you guys or Lindex enough for this experience; it was just great!

Pictures not taken by me, (the ones including me and the one of Marie in the warehouse location), are directly linked to their original owner.


  1. Love these pics ;)

  2. Looks like you all had a great time. :D Fun to see, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to speak to you. :D

  3. Woah ho someone just had a hell of an experience! I'm so happy for you, and what a treat to meet Carmen!

    Btw did you save me some godis? lol

  4. It seems like you guys had fun! Congrats :) you are a very good writter .

  5. This sounds like a good way to live...not only the fashion, but the fun city travel and nice dinner with scallops.

  6. Dette innlegget er på forsiden av :)

  7. takk for en fin tur, og såklart er det greit at du låner bildene :) Null stress søta!

  8. that whole thing had to be so much fun!
    lovely blog, going to follow you :)

  9. Wow! That sounds like an incredible exprience!! And you know deserve it. You work so hard at your blog.

    I wrote a post on my blog about my favourite bloggers - you're #1 by the way - and I hope you won't mind that used one of your pictures.
    Hre is the link :

    I also would like to thank you for writing a post about Mode Rebuplic a little while ago. I just won 3rd runner-up and I couldn't be happier!


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