Crop it

Picture overload today, but it has been so long since I posted an outfit, I decided to go ahead anyways. Time just haven't been on my side lately, but I hope it will change now. Or soon. Fall is here, and I'm snuggled up in chunky knits and booties - my favorite wearings. Textures rock!
On another note: I have some nice surprises for you guys coming up! You can check my Facebook-page for hints about what it is, and maybe guess too! I promise it's all good; actually kind of awesome - and I'm honestly super jealous!

I'm wearing cropped knit sweater from BikBok, vintage belt, shorts via Gina Tricot, chunky knit cardigan from Cubus (my lovers) and shoes from DNA. Rings from Topshop, actually.


  1. I was missing your outfit posts, sweetie!!! :)

    Love it, obviously! That sweater/cardi is GORGEOUS! :)))

    So good you had a good time in London! ;)

  2. Anonymous10:20 PM

    textures are awesome! i love chunky knits and booties too, what a great fall forward outfit :)
    good luck on catching up with time, it's a little fast for me too, lately

  3. I don't like winter and cold, but I love knits, so fall season is kind of necessary I guess :)
    Looking wonderful!

  4. Nice look. Loving your jewelery. Xxxx

  5. great outfit!

  6. Elles sont vraiment superbes ces photos ! :) ta tenue est très belle , j'aime beaucoup !

  7. Great pics, like them !

    xo lala

  8. Oh! I'm curious! But I'll wait :)

    Love the knit things. I'm starting to love them, sadly winter is finishing.
    I love the outfit, ver inspiring. specially because short are the best.

    Kisses dear!

  9. Oh!! And I forgot. The rings. I love your rings. best accesories ever I think.

  10. you have a mean sense of style girl! love it!

  11. I love your rings!!


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