Circus fashion

This summer I was invited on board a new and exciting project! It is the ultimate clash between online and print - fashion and style; CIRCUS – the very first international blogger bookazine!As avid readers of blogs, the Circus crew realized the under-rated potential, expertise and creativity of style and fashion bloggers. Talent should never be left unnoticed. It’s just not natural, especially when the blogosphere was bursting with talent. From there, the concept continued to develop. Circus Fashion offers a unique perspective on the fashion industry. They don’t discuss who has the best style out of Beyonce and Rihanna, won’t even tell you which shoes to wear this season. Instead they take a step back and consider fashion from a new direction: from the consumers to the producers. Through a mix of bloggers, illustrators and photographers, Circus will open up the world of fashion in a way that no other publication has before. Orchestrated by the editorial team of Herznote Publishing.
I was asked to do a beauty shot, with playful make-up - as if a child had done it. As children, we all were so excited to discover the many multicolored pots and tubes belonging to our mothers or our big sisters. Sometimes we would try to put it on all at once. If only it hadn't caused so much annoyance afterwards! Actually, I still don't know how to put on make-up correctly. But, what is correct anyways?
If you want to support bloggers EVERYWHERE, you can buy the bookazine right here! (only $17 )As far as I know, they ship world-wide - and you're in for a treat! I was laughing so hard at some of the articles and pictures, I absolutely love it!

- Oh, I completely forgot! The make-up is by NARS, which was sponsored by Hertznote publications and of course NARS themselves. I've been using the blush regularly since I received it in the beginning og August, just because it's really good. I always have trouble finding a good, lasting blush - and this one seems to work really well!


  1. This is just fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Wow, that's a wonderful project!!!

    You look gorgeous, of course!

  3. Congrats! Such a great project!

  4. this is amazing. The idea of the bookazine, the idea of put all the great bloggers together.

    I love your colaboration. That beauty shoots are amazing. The idea of play with makeup, since we are childrens is so common of us, so natural. I really like the result. And you remind me Bjork a little bit:)

    Kisses, and I'll buy this book, I have to check out the shipping prices, and save money, but I'm going to buy it, for sure!

  5. wow. nicely done. both the pictures and the project. i would buy it in a instant if i had the money :D gorgeous

  6. Omgosh that is amazing.

  7. You look absolutely beautiful! I checked out their site and I definitely want to buy the book. Awesome project. Have a nice week :)



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