You were always crazy like that

I wanted to try something new today, so I did. I high-waisted a pair of boyfriend-jeans with a vintage belt and combined it with a simple white top. I felt somewhat uncomfortable, but I'm proud to say that I wore it all day - just because I wanted to challenge myself! It's weird how something as simple as this can be so popular everywhere, all the time. Now that I've got some experience with jeans and actually tried it, (somewhat open-minded), I can honestly say that I do not understand what all the fuzz is about!First of all: jeans are uncomfortable no matter how often I wear it.
Second: Jeans does not look flattering on my body.
Third: The color is not good, and that goes for all shades of blue.


  1. You might not like it, but I do think it suits you, and you pulled it great off. You looked amazing in the city, today, and you're always so much fun. :)

  2. I love your blog!
    And I really liked the outfit. You look great!
    I'm not very fond of jeans myself either.: p

  3. "...jeans are uncomfortable no matter how often I wear it"
    Me too.

    But I really like the way you wearing your jeans.

  4. WHAT are you talking about? those jeans look amazing on you. i could never pull off boyfriend jeans that baggy cause i'm curvy. but you look beautiful.

  5. You look great :) I love your shoes.

  6. hahahah, love your words about jeans :D

    I prefer skirts and shorts too ^^

    but you look great!


  7. I think the outfit looks great!

    I am a fan of jeans. Haha, I don't mind the color but they've always been comfortable for me :)

  8. Anonymous5:45 PM

    ooh i love the simplicity! + those jeans look amazing on you xx

  9. That outfit is beautiful! Like your blog. Hope you'll follow my blog too.

  10. i love your honesty in this post!!!! i really love this outfit on you, but at the same time it's funny how most fabulous outfits aren't that comfortable :) thank you for the honesty. found you off chictopia, awesome blog.

  11. I wear a lot of jeans, but I dont like boyfriends jeans either. They don't look good on me, and althought I'm a huge fan of masculine style, I can't like them.
    I like how they look with a white t-shirt thought, but you're right, the color is not good.
    Good that you tried it!

  12. you work 'high waisted' like no other x

  13. Hello there,

    I'm so glad to see your new posts! Love it even more! It's been quite a long time since the last time I saw you and your new outfit :) And fyi, your new pictures are FANTASTIC ;)


  14. Jeg er heller ikke fan av boyfriendjeans, hvis jeg går med jeans er det superskinny ones =)

  15. love your blog
    some by and follow back

  16. It's funny you don't realize the fuzz, Barbro, because you really look AMAZING!!! <3

    I love your crativity SOOO much!>

  17. Jeg digger jeansen!!


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