And remember, no matter where you go, there you are..

I played around with this tomboy, girlie look - as I was inspired by some vintage photography I can't remember. Annoying as it is, inspiration comes mostly from memories and thoughts I have; and I can't always remember the source. I really enjoyed playing around with these black and white photographies though, as it gives a new perspective of an outfit I already love wearing.

I'm wearing Gina Tricot shorts, thrifted H&M blouse and cardigan, Cubus socks and GORGEOUS shoes from Forever21. Quote by Earl Mac Rauch, from "Buckaroo Bansai"


  1. Oh my God... longest legs ever! They look especially loooooong in that first photo! *lol


  2. This is such a lovely look, very inspirational in itself!

    xoxo Maria

  3. You absolutely suit the girlie tomboy look for sure! That first pic is like its fresh outta a big fashion mag, for real girl!

  4. your photos are always so gorgeous. and you look amazing in a bun :)

  5. I love it. Your pics don't just capture a fashion style, but a mood. Future nostalgia, this one. xo.

  6. Your blouse is just darling!

  7. kjempefin er du! liker blusen din :)

  8. Anonymous8:35 AM

    love how you put up your hair. I wishI had hair long enough to do that myself.

  9. lovely outfit! that blouse is so pretty and I love the shorts. Socks and heelded sandels is always a winning combo in my book, and you totally pulled it off. I love the way you mixed some black and white photos with the colored one, and it really showes off the contrast between the girly look and the tomboy-ish look of the outfit

  10. You look SO amazing and stunning here! o.m.g. Can't wait to hunt you down in Oslo and force you in front of my camera (even it seems like you can do your photo's yourself.. LOOK at this, you're great both in front and behind the camera. Jealous!) :D <3

  11. I really like such girlish and charming combinations ;) You look really good in it. The shirt is very nice.

  12. fab photos. especially the one with the mountains in the background. so nostalgic and romantic too. I love the socks and sandals combo, even though I dont wear such myself.

  13. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I loove your shoes<3 They look like the burberry. The ones that was on the catwalk. Sooo lovely<3

  14. Love the shoes, and your hair looks really good!

  15. Oh you are just so beautiful!

  16. Love the burberry-esque shoes.


  17. That shoes are so cute, and so burberry, I love them.
    Love the outfit, of course, lovely, but not boring. And amazing pair of legs my dear.


  18. BTW, can I post a couple of this pictures in my tumblr? They're so gorgeous. The sun light is amazing.

  19. Fader, så utrolig bra Barbro!

  20. great outfit! those shoes remind me of Burberry's VERY nice!

  21. WildFlower: Oh, wow - you're too kind!

    the Citizen Rosebud: Wow, thank you so much!

    Little Lost Treasures: Thank you so much, I love that combination myself! I think it's adorable ;)

    metallicatrollet: pfffft, you silly girl! Can't wait to live within a decent range of you :D

    vv: I don't think I ever will! Thank you for that awesome compliment!

    Melissa: Of course, you can use my pictures any time :)

    Mira: Oooh, tusen takk <3

    Thank you so much guys!

  22. You look stunning! I'm loving the vibe and the clothes, they really suit you wonderfully! <3

    Oh, and I'm loving to see your hair like that nowadays, it shows your gorgeous face even better! :)

    And I agree with you, your shoes are GORGEOUS!!! <333

  23. ooo very Alice in Wonderland, but oh so chic :) I love those gray strappy shoes!

  24. Thank you dear!
    You know I love your pictures, and they always inspired me. And in my tumblr I post things and people that I love and that inspired me. So there you are :)
    I posted just one, then I'll post more.

    here's the link If you wanna check it ^^
    Kisses, and thanks!

  25. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Found you through chictopia my dear! I love your style, it's very individual.

    This look is beautiful, such gorgeous pictures! I want your shoes!


  26. I love your hair up! it looks gorgeous. x

  27. i'm in LOVE with these pics!! And the outfit is amazing!! i don't know if you've seen our last call for contributions on HYPEED, but these pics would be absolutely perfect for it! It's called "Farniente: luncheon on the grass" ,and you can win a pretty necklace ;)

    check it out, and i hope you'll post these pics :)


  28. love the outfit and the images!! the bow is beautiful

    follow if u like what u see?


  29. thx for posting, those pics really do rock!!

  30. momoiro-chan11:46 PM

    Helt nydelig. Rett og slett nyydelig <3

  31. Katnani:
    Thank you! I'm trying something new with my hair, and my lover totally adores it :D

    Thanks a lot! I've been getting that a lot lately, Alice in Wonderland ;)

    Checked it out - and I love it. Honored to be amongst such beautiful and inspirational pictures <3 Thank you!

    Yeey, thanks a lot! Chictopia is great, and thanks for stopping by!

    Thank you, wonderful!

    Thank you, thank you! That means a lot to me :)

    Wow, thank you! I posted them for sure, appreciate you taking the time to tell me about it :)

    Tusen takk skal du ha! <3

  32. Such a sweet outfit! I'll have to stop by F21 for those shoes!

  33. Anonymous9:30 PM

    As always you look like a million dollars :P Hope you are having the time of your life in Oslo! :D

    Have a FANTASTICK weekend sweetie!


    Hr Johansen


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