Princesspolitico from Princess Politico asked:
Q: Has creating a blog made you more expressive with your clothing? Especially because you know that you'll be photographed and posted across the world?

A: Yes, in so many ways! I used to wear all black over-sized clothing with layers upon layers. Now I've learned to control my layering - even try some color from time to time. Though I’ve always tried to look my best, my blog has made me more self-conscious, and I've learned to experiment more with clothes and accessories - thanks to my peers, readers and followers. I don’t think too much about being posted across the world, more about being confident with who I am and what I wear. I’m still learning, and I hope to keep learning as I go.

Ligeia from Fuck Fashion Fear asked:
Q: Which are you favourite musicians? Last concert you've been to?

A: I really love Lady Gaga, actually – but that’s quite out of character considering my favorite genre is indie rock, somewhat punkish and toned down rock-metal. Some of my favorite bands are Muse, Lifehouse, Our Lady Peace and The Used. I’ve recently attended some small gatherings, most of them was during Oslo Fashion Week, where they combined runway shows with known musicians here in Norway – other than that I’m really bad at going to concerts. Then again, where I live, concerts aren’t a frequent event – something I hope will change when I move to Oslo this summer.
Meg from Morning Midnight asked:
Q: How does your blog interact with your personal life? ie, do your friends/family know about it, do you consciously avoid writing about personal things (i know i do.), is it a good representation of "you as a person" etc?

A: Great question! My friends and family do know about my blog, yes; and I think they visit it quite often. I don’t think that’s why I choose to censor my words, though. Before I started this blog, I had a very personal journal online where I shared too much about myself, my thoughts and life – and I believe (unconsciously) that’s why I prefer keeping some things to myself now. It’s not that I don’t want to share certain aspects of my life, but I choose to let my clothes do the talking in this case – as I think my blog is about personal style, not my personal life. I do think my blog reflects my personality quite well, though I admit taking things too serious sometimes. I'm more of a sarcastic and silly kind of girl in real life, but that haven't translated very well into my blog yet. I hope to change that.

Kimvee from Memoirs of a Vintage Junkie asked:
Q: What kind of Canon camera is that in your banner?

A: It's a Canon EOS 450D, my little baby! I still haven't been able to purchase the lens I want, so I'm using the standard lens, which I got in the kit when I bought it. (18-55 mm)

Trishna from Tashrin asked:
Q: What did you study in school and what is your full time career?

A: I got tired of school very early in my life. I had some personal issues I had to take care of and decided I wouldn’t get an education until I was truly committed to actually finishing it. However, before I decided to pause my education, I tried different things: community high-school, private high-school, a year of journalism, a few months at an artistic school and other whimsical "failures". I learned something from each of these, but haven’t set my mind on anything in particular yet. Now my main source of income comes from our lovely state, while I volunteer as a freelance fashion journalist and participate in different project around the world. Honestly, I really loath questions about school, work and such – but as I started this question and answer thingy, that’s the best answer I can give. What I want to do, on the other hand, involves plenty of things. I love photography, writing, style and pretty much all things creative. Unfortunately, all of these educational areas costs a lot of money, and until I get rich or die trying – I guess I’m stuck with this ambivalent personality of mine.

Desirée from metallicatrollet asked:
Q1: What's your favourite movie?
Q2: If you could do whatever you wanted to, for a career, what would it be?
Q3: What makes you feel good? :)

A1: Moulin Rouge is my very favorite movie. I love the scenery and everything about it. I also love White Oleander!
A2: There’s so many things I’d like to do, I really can’t make up my mind. I’d love being able to live from an artistic perspective; like a photographer or a writer.
A3: Love. Family. Friends. Music. Shoes. Pictures. Fashion. Coffee.

Heather Taylor from The Dream Machine asked:
Q: If you could be any color in the crayon box, which one would you pick and why?

A: I’d be black – because it goes with everything. A boring answer, perhaps – but it is my favorite color. Besides, I love black and white pictures, as well as writing - and when you have a black crayon: all you need is a piece of paper to make wonderful wonders.

Agnis from Deki Ai asked:
Q: Dear Barbro: Have you ever felt, in some time of your life, that you have no style? I'm asking you this, because I feel that way now :(

A: Yes, at some point I feel like that every single day! I’m sorry you feel like this, but I can with certainty tell you that you’re not alone! I’m sure every girl and boy out there feels the same way from time to time; having a blog and participating in fashion communities may even enhance these feelings. I know I measure and compare myself to others much too often, and with all this beauty I’m bound to feel bad sometimes. I guess it’s human nature. I think positive thinking is key here, although I'm bad at that myself, I'm trying. Focus on what you've got, not what you're lacking!

Monajenten from Restart asked:
Q: How do you think and feel when you mix up your outfits? You always look stunning, but I feel that I wouldn´t even be close to looking as good as you, even if I wore the exact same clothes.

A: Oh, wow, thank you! Actually, most of the time I just feel stressed out: I'm always late for something! But, when I’m not, I feel like a three-year old girl full of anticipation, curious about how I’m going to mix everything up. I’m not a big planner, and generally I just pick one main item I want to wear, and work my way from there. Also, I’m trying to be more spontaneous - as I'm fantastically good at over analyzing things.

Thank you for your wonderful questions! I'm one day behind schedule, because I went a little crazy partying this weekend. Guess I needed a little break, but now I'm back and ready for a new week.


  1. Thankyou for this!
    I have a question….I have the same camera as you (cannon 450d) and find that my pictures come out blurry when I shoot my outfits on self timer. Assuming you shoot your outfits on selftimer (?), what setting do you have your camera on so they come out crisp?

    I hope you can answer this as its been bugging me for ages! Loving your blog - ive added you to my blogroll.

    Lucie x

  2. Did you party for me as well? :D

  3. Beautiful pictures. x

  4. Loved this post!
    You gave some really wonderful and interesting answers!


  5. Lucile:
    Thank you for commenting, and for your question!

    I always use the manual settings on my camera, and I've recently begun to set the ISO at 1600 - just because there's a lack of daylight right now. They will come out a bit more grainy, but I think it's better to have decent light - rather than a big blur.

    I do use auto-focus, and try to aim the camera at the exact location I plan to stand - as well as setting the shutter as high as possible. I think anything below 60 makes it really blurry. I take some test-shots with different settings before the actual shoot too. Hope this helped :)

    Of course I did, I do every time - that's probably why I drink one beer too many :p

    Thank you!

    LF: Thank you so much, I really appreciate that!

  6. Thank you for your answer! You keep inspiring me everyday

  7. Thank you for your question, Agnis! And for those kind words <3

  8. I love this Q&A things!
    You'll move to oslo? That sounds great, Luck!
    "I'm more of a sarcastic and silly kind of girl in real life, but that haven't translated very well into my blog yet. I hope to change that." I'm working on that too.

    For the next time I'll participate in this Q&A, I'll think a good question.

    Kisses Dear Barbro!!

  9. nice to read about you more!

  10. Melissa:
    Yeah, I'm moving! I can't wait to go, though it is a bit scary :p And I guess we'll work on it together, then :D Thank you for your sweet comment!

    Thanks ;)


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