Thursday mess-up

Hello!, our kitty says. Her name is Emma, and she was somewhat unwillingly photographed. She just wanted to play around in the snow beside me, while occasionally walking into the frame showing of her butt. This mysteriously happened the instant I pressed the timer on my camera.
I will tell you, it's great to wear a dress again. I feel liberated! Sometimes I'm like a walking advertisement for tights and dresses. My slogan should most definitely be: "dresses and tights - a way of life!". There, I said it.
I'm feeling somewhat childish in this outfit, and it's kind of great. I just want to run around in the snow, playing with the kitty, but I'm afraid my schedule today just doesn't allow me to. When I think about it, a grownups schedule almost never allows one to run around playing in the snow. I'll have to put it on my todo-list.
I will honestly say that I'm getting pretty sick of this shirt now. Only one more to go, but I have no idea what to pair it with!
I'm wearing that Ellos shirt, Cubus organic cotton dress and stockings, random tights, old necklace, H&M hat, Coolshop glasses and the Benelli lace-ups.


  1. This made me laugh (: I adore your boots. And of course the kitten!

  2. I love the last picture, is that the sun in your face?
    Emma is gorgeous, I love cats, and I don't care about my schedule, I play with my cats all the time.
    You know what? I love that shirt, is so usefull!it goes with everything ^^
    And i'm loving the boots too.

    Kisses Barbro, and kisses Emma!

  3. i adore this outfit, the white dress makes it so fresh! to be frank, i hate cats (some clever psychologists claim that this is a bosy people quality, well...). also, love your shoes, they are so feminine, but rockin' as well!

  4. oh, it's a bautiful cat *-* And your clothes is beatiful too! <3

  5. Hva med å bruke den som kjole med et smalt belte høyt i livet og tights & heels til? =) Friday dress Ü

  6. Anonymous5:45 PM

    i actually like this mess-up, it's quite unusual. so sad we need to schedule our "playing around time" in the to-do list. suggestion: how about pairing it with tights and shorts? just a thought :)

  7. My favorite yet! I love that lace dress with the tough boots. And the glasses and plaid give it just the right edge. Lovely!

  8. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Love the dress, love love love it!

  9. Your kitty is so sweet, mine would just scratch out my eyes if I tried to catch it.
    I like your boots!

  10. I LOVE those boots !! And you looks so cute with those glasses :3

  11. I've been thinking for a while now about buying new glasses and now I found THE ones I want, YOURS!!! :D

    love your kitty <333

    beautiful outfit


  12. btw, do the glasses brand have a website or sth?? i want 'em :P

    thanks hun

  13. Cute cat.
    and love the outfit.
    as always.
    thanks for the lovely comments etc.. xx


  14. Å nei men hellooooo pus<3
    Det nederste bildet av deg var bare helt utrolig nydelig! Og så fine håret da!

  15. AH this is such a cute post! Love your blog. x

  16. kitten is sooo pretty. And that outfit is essentially casual yet beautiful.
    Plaid is like soul food... you can always through it on and feel instantly comfy and relaxed.

    love your looks always... wish we had snow in SF for the winters.

    xx from San Francisco.

  17. I love this! Wear it with nothing more. Mohaha. Less is more. Kidding. :) Can't wait for OFW now. :D

  18. Great idea with the flannel shirt over a White dress... thx for the inspiration! Lovely blog btw :) Mon Mode Blog

  19. Love love that grungy jacket!

  20. I want to steal your glasses!!! xx

  21. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I love that dress <3


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