Relaxed layering

I was feeling relaxed, and in desperate need of layers today. Warm, cozy and comfortable - the keywords that never go out of style, and that are suitable every winter. Every season, actually.
And my favorite scarf is a natural choice.
I wore my diy-shorts, despite the fact that they are a bit too big for me. Maybe they are suitable for a giveaway? Anyways, I chunked it up and belted it high, just because I wanted to.
My poncho is unfortunately underworn, if I could use that word. I bought it on sale this fall, and stupidly kind of forgot about it. Things tend to disappear in our small apartment. I don't know why. Oh, wait - that was a lie. I do know. I'm messy. There's really no excuse for that.Luckily, the mess creates a daily routine of searching; which can be translated into a kind of treasure-hunting. I like treasures, and hunting for them. A perfect match. That's actually how I re-located these lace-up boots!
In the middle of my little photo shoot, my mothers chihuahuas came running down the shuffled track. If you haven't met them yet; this is Georg to the left and Pippi Lotte to the right. Yes, they are "tea-cups", or as the preferred term states; miniature chihuahuas.
I love them. Very much! Too much, some might say. I want to steal them, but I'm pretty sure dog-napping is illegal.

Georg is wearing a suit designed by my mother and I'm wearing Ellos turtleneck, b.young sweater, Cubus poncho, scarf and tights, diy-shorts, random belt and Roots boots.


  1. Gorgeous as usual! x

  2. I just love your mom's tea cups :) they're so cute!
    I need a poncho for this winter, I'm looking for one.
    And that boots are great!
    I know what you mean with find something, it happens to me very often...messy, I know.

    Kisses Barbro!

  3. I love your pancho, it looks very comfortable. And I love your boots!

  4. Love the look! The dark colours are great!

  5. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Love the pictures with your doggies!
    Check out my daughters blog.

  6. That poncho is too great to be underworn. I can relate though, my house/closet is a whirlwind. I'm trying to organize and clean it but it keeps swallowing me whole...

  7. Anonymous11:27 PM

    You are oozing comfort and effortless style Barbro. I am very much loving your blog and will come back for more.... more....more.

    Also I need to get big, comfy, wooly layers like you, and wear them all the time, would you mind? :)

    Q. How big are the tea cups? size wise

    Much love


  8. Love the boots! So pretty :)

    I've created a page for your blog on Wikifashion. You can see more details on my blog. We've also made some badges for you to put on your blog :)

  9. Love this outfit!! So adorable! :)

  10. love your boots, gorgeous

  11. so casual, but you gorgeous!!!
    i initially thought that your dogs are... pinguins...

  12. You both are so cute! And as usual I love the outfit! Great idea to wear shorts with tights!

  13. those shorts are cool the way they are, a bit oversized! love the poncho, too

  14. you look like a porcelain doll.
    love your boots.

  15. Layering is necessary in the winter!

  16. Anonymous1:25 PM

    You look awesome! Great outfit <3

    xoxo M.

  17. Anonymous10:13 PM

    i love your outfits!
    i gave you an award at my blog
    your blog is also in my link list

  18. i'm in love with the boots and that poncho.

  19. I love these photos! Love the poncho and your DIY shorts. The boots are cool too!I love this look! The pups are just too cute. Your mom would probably be very upset if you dog-napped :)


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