Little floral dress

I found this floral beauty in the childrens department, and I just had to buy it. I didn't try it on before buying it, which is a big no-no for some, but it fitted perfectly!I'm not at all happy with the picture quality, but so be it! It was already getting dark, and I found a little time to do a shoot with my new LFD. I was desperate, I even tried using blitz - and I do not use blitz!

I haven't had time to do any of my usual blogging and writing, and it's quite stressful. Four posts in ten days is a new low for me, especially since I loved the routine I had going on! But somewhere along the road I lost it. I need a vacation, and therefore my lover and I decided to run away to Spain this Christmas. We'll be staying in San Agustín for fourteen days and I can't wait to go! We are traveling on the 26th of December, which means I'm already two months behind on my packing; I guess I'll better get started. And maybe I'll be in a better blogging mood after the holidays!

I'm wearing KappAhl floral dress, Cubus faux-leather jacket, H&M dotted tight, JSFN bow shoes and that random pearl necklace which I got from my grandmother.


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Love the cute cute outfit today. Dont you love H&M for tights??

  2. Love your dress!
    The mix of colors if perfect.
    Spain! I love spain. I've never been there, but I heared that San Agustin is pretty amazing.
    I need a pair of that thights.

    Kisses dear!

  3. I love your tights, the dress is cute!

    I hope that your trip goes well, a vacation in Spain sounds marvelous! Enjoy :D

  4. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Jag heter Kalle och är grundare till sidan Klä
    Vi har precis startat men sidan kommer att bli stor, snabbt.
    Jag är ute efter en del modeintresserade personer i olika åldrar.
    Fastnat för några, vilken du är en. Hittade inte din mail så skriver här. Hoppas det är ok.
    Undrar om du är intresserad att visa upp dina kläder på sidan.
    Du får en egen garderob där du lägger ut vad du tycker är snyggt
    och kan länka den direkt till din blogg.
    Kan inte lova nåt mer exakt i dagsläget vad gäller att synas på
    framsidan mm då jag ännu inte vet vilka personer vi ska ha med.

    Undrar om det finns nåt intresse från din sida.
    Kolla in klä och hör av dig.


  5. I love this outfit, espec. the tights!

  6. Well, you look lovely, even if you don't have much time! I love the bright floral with the black, here. Gorgeous!


  7. Wasn't that to cold?! I really LOVE the tights! And I'm so envy about the jacket!

  8. Enjoy your holiday! Everyone deserves to get away for a while and enjoy some time off. The dress is just perfect on you. Adorable with the jacket and shoes.

  9. perfect dress with jacket and shoes!

    enjoy your holiday dear.

  10. Amazing dress!

  11. I adore the dress, and you look so pretty!
    Great photos xxx

  12. you are so pretty dear! your dress is gorgeous!

  13. Anonymous9:50 PM

    i love this childrens' dress.and ok i find it logical that u didnt try it on at the photoshoot!
    have fun ;)

  14. Oh! so u're coming to Spain next weekend!! Hope u enjoy it
    I love the dress especially with those tights! (the same that I'll be wearing tonight!)


  15. i loved the dress! i loved too the accessories you used!

  16. im so jealous about your runaway to spain. spain has great food. i bet you'll take awesome photos too.

  17. Lovely dress, I love the contrast of colours on the black.

    Have fun in spain!

  18. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Wauw, the tights, the dress love it a lot!!

  19. another gorgeous look darling. I particularly like that you mixed the colourful dress with the black leather. hope your well in this chilly but beautiful weather. x

  20. Looking really good!

  21. You're featured on a collage post on my blog today :)

    I really like your picture on the snow!

  22. Such a lovely dress! It does fit really well!


  23. that floral dress looks amazing against the snow (and those dotted tights!) :)
    have fun in spain! i desperately need a vacation too.

  24. you're looking so cute! I want to fit into children's dresses as well lol. the tights are lovely! bought at H&M?! I've been searching for those dotted tights for aaaages!

  25. beautiful dress! have fun in Spain :)

  26. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Hi you!
    Love the dress, love you!
    Hope you have a fantastic christmas holiday in Spain.
    Remember to take a lot of pictures.
    Lots of love!

    xox Hrjohansen

  27. look at you in colorful floral... incredibly lovely on you. happy to hear you get some vacation time... we are both on the way to some R&R in different parts of the globe as well.
    before you go... check out our giveaway. You'll enjoy it :)

  28. NYDELIG, Barbro. :D Jeg vil ha beina dine. :D

  29. Dødsfint antrekk søte deg! Åh! Elsk på kjolen din!

  30. I luv ur dress hun!! Have fun in Spain and hope u have a very merry christmas! xoxo

  31. perfect pictures!


  32. your legs are a mile long! the floral looks great with the polkadot tights, but aren't you coooooold? I can't even go out with leggings, let alone tightss. I do like the photo, still looks great in low light ;) hate that it gets dark so quickly during winter... Did you hear the news of snow in spain btw :P

  33. Love it, man kan finne mange kupp på Kappahl, selv på barneavdelingen ;-) Elsker tightsen Ü

  34. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Lovely, especially your tights!

  35. Ms. Given:
    Thanks a lot! I love mixing it up :) I don't usually buy tights on H&M, I go for the ones on Cubus, but this one was a decent purchase. Too bad it's so fragile, though.

    Thank you! Can't wait to go to Spain, only five more days to go!! :D

    Samantha Nandez:
    Thanks a lot! I hope it goes well too, fourteen days of sun sounds pretty good right now. We have like 14 degrees Fahrenheit now.

    Hei. Jeg kan ta en titt, og så tar jeg kontakt :) Takk for tips, og det er helt greit at du skriver her. Har lagt mail-adressen lengre opp, da flere har hatt problemer med å finne den.

    Thank you so much!

    Oh, thank you - that means a lot to me! Haven't been feeling to good lately, but comments like yours really make me feel a lot better <3

    Haha, no, I was only out for few minutes :) Vikings, you know :p Thanks a lot for your comment <3

    Kelley Anne:
    Thank you! I will! :)

    Thank you, sweetheart! <3

    Thanks a lot!

    Thank you! I love my new dress so much :D

    Thank you very much! I almost ran to this dress when I first saw it, just had to have it :D

    Haha, thanks ;)

    Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken:
    I sure am! :D Can't wait! You should come to San Agustin and meet me - that would have been so much fun! :D

    Thank you! I'm not good at choosing accessories, because I rarely use it - but I'm trying to learn :D

    cassandra noëlla:
    Thank you, and yes - they have some yummy stuff :D Ah, now I'm hungry - shame on you :p

    Thank you! I will!

    Thanks a lot :D

    Thank you! I really like it too!

    Thank you, dear - I really appreciate that! Hopefully I'll be feeling a lot better soon!

    Thank you!

    Blue is in Fashion this Year:
    Oh, I am?! Wow, thanks a lot, sweetie :D

    Marta Represa:
    Thank you :D

    You think? Thanks a lot :D I really am looking forward to my trip to Spain; it's such a beautiful country!

    H&M indeed - I couldn't find this kind anywhere else :S Thanks a lot ;)

    Thank you :)

    Autour de toi:
    Thanks a lot <3

    Oh, thanks, sweetie! I'll take a thousand pictures for sure :D

    A and A:
    Oh, you are always so sweet to me! Thanks a lot. I'll check out your giveaway for sure ;)

    Åh, takk søte! I miss you!!

    Tusen takk :D

    Thanks a lot! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too <3

    Thank you so much! :D

    Thanks :D

    Snow in Spain? No way :p Not on the islands, I bet! I wasn't too cold, was only out for a few minutes. But now it's freezing outside! Thank you so much for your sweet comment, I really appreciate it! :D

    Ja, ikke sant? :D Tusen takk!

  36. Your photos turned out stunning girl!

    I love lvoe the floral dress with those dotted tights,perfect match:)
    And going to Spain to celebrate Christmas?? Wowwww,I'm so jealous<3

    Happy Holidays~

  37. you're looking good but wasn't it very cold ^^ ?

  38. Anonymous12:05 AM

    love your dress

  39. Mariloé:
    Thank you! And no, it wasn't too cold - was only out for a minute or so, and I get warm quickly when walking :)

    Thank you so much :D

  40. I've always pictured forest nymphs surrounded by green leaves and running water, but all of a sudden these photos makes sense that forest nymphs are out and about in white soft winter!

  41. Oh, wow, Misha <3 Thank you so much!


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