Full of grace

The second first snow has fallen, and today it keeps on falling. It's beautiful, alright - but cold. I prefer warm beauty.
The best part is though that I can snuggle up in warm knits, wear a turtleneck sweater and double my stockings. Drink warm coffee and watch a beautiful movie without feeling guilty.
It is also a perfect season to wear gifts made by grandmother;
wear less make-up, just so that those rosy cheeks pop out a little more,
and, why not wear it all backwards, just for that funny, yet secretive feeling. I recommend it.

I'm wearing Sara Kelly knitted dress backwards, Cubus turtleneck sweater and bamboo tights, random belt and X-it shoes. Inspirational song is Full of grace by Sarah McLachlan.


  1. gorgeous dress and what a great way to get more wear out of it.

  2. du var kjempe pen på det bildet der du sitter <3

  3. love it! du er nydelig

  4. Love love love it! The snow is so beautiful, but I bet it's freezing and that's not so fun =/

    Yay for cute sweater dresses though!

  5. Oh wauw the snow is gorgeous! It always makes me want to wear all my knitted things and drink hot coco. Or tea :P

  6. Gray is my color of choice this winter so I really adore your sweater dress and I love that its loose instead of clingy. We dont have any snow yet. We get mostly ice now days anyhow.

  7. Very cute, that's a marvelous sweater top, and those boots! You rock winter well.

    Also, hot drinks and movies are the best thing about winter. Fireplaces too, but I don't own one :(

  8. Gorgeous dress,
    I'm jealous of your snow; I kind of feel like now it's unbearably cold here we should at least get snow!

  9. Beautiful snow, even though I agree with you; it gets tiresome after awhile. but you look SO petty in snow, I hope it stays for awhile. :) Great knit dress, too.


  10. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Can't wait to get back home!
    Not yet seen snow in Trondheim.
    Have a nice week B :)



  11. Gud så nydelig du er! Jeg blir stadig mer fascinert.

  12. i want those boots!


  13. the other day I was listened Sarah Mclachlan, so beautifull.
    Love the backwards idea, I'll try it.
    My god, I'm jelaous about the snow,it doesn't snow in my town, and I saw snow just one time in my life, when I was a kid. I don't remember how is it :) It looks gorgeous on your photos, snow is amazing.
    Kisses Dear!!

  14. you are so pretty!

    love the mittens and the shoes

  15. That sweater dress is really so stunning !! I love the chunkiness it has<3

    And your mittens are so lovely,I can see its really getting cold now. heeee. <3333

  16. red lipstick looks great ^^
    and thanks a lot

  17. adore the knit dress and those boots.. i wish we have snow here in LA. btw ive linked ya!


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