Feeling a little bit uncomfortable with such a short top with these (seriously) tight leggings, but I'll just have to deal with my complexes. I'll probably wear a scarf with this too, and of course, the missing jacket.
My new peeptoe booties are fierce, and the architectural detail are amazing! I love the chunky look against the skinny-look leggings.
So, I'm heading out again - for another night of fun with friends, but without red wine today..
I'll have a beer, please?

Have a great Saturday!

I'm wearing Forever21 asymmetric top with zipper details, Cubus faux-leather leggings, random skinny belt and Go Jane sculptular peeptoe booties.


  1. Love the color of that blouse! You look amazing!


  2. how was last night with those huge heel boots?


  3. Love the heels! <<3

  4. i know what you mean.. i always get too nervous to wear a short top with leggings.. i have a big butt.

    i love red wine. lets go drink red wine together soon..

  5. Looks amazing! xxx Camilla


  6. i love your blog. i have been following you on weardrobe for a while because i love your sense of style. after looking at your blog i also love your commentary! you look cute, a very bold choice of shirt with the leggings but you definitely pull it off

  7. blue looks very very good on you.
    Love the detail in the shoulder and the belt.
    great look, enjoy with your friends, and enjoy that beer!
    Love your bottie, I want a close up of them :)

    Kisses and hugs!!

  8. i think blue suits you really well which surprises me as i always thought paler people looked best in black. thank you for the discovery (:

    your great heels are making me think about giving gojane a second chance!

  9. I love how you take your pics next to chopped wood!! Fabulous! So glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours :) I am dying for your booties!!

  10. so fiery ... absolutely love the photos .... xx

  11. love your booties(:

    xx cody

  12. another outfit i truely adore from your, barbro. hope alls well with you on this chilly sunday. charleston


  13. hehe these are really tight leggings :d
    great outfit


  14. Belfort12:40 PM

    Are you wearing pantyhose under the tights?

  15. great pictures! i love your shoes.


  16. Dylana:
    Oh, wow, thank you so much <3

    Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken:
    No problem at all <3

    Thank you so much, I do too!

    cassandra noëlla:
    Haha, I bet you don't have the big but you claim to have :p

    I'd love to drink red wine with you :)

    Thanks, sweetie!

    sparkle motion:
    Oh, than you so much! Glad to hear that you like my blog too, that means a lot to me :)

    I'll see if I can take some close-ups of them, they really should be on my blog anyways :D Glad to hear that you like my blues - I'm getting more comfortable with it every day :)

    Thanks, hun - you're so sweet to me <3

    I tend to overexpose my pictures, which makes me look a bit paler than I really am - but I'm glad you have discovered that :) And you really should give GoJane a second chance, I've found some great heels there!

    Fell 4 Fashion:
    Oh wow, thank you very much :) Glad you decided to take a look at mine too! These shoes were made for me <3

    Thanks, sweetie! You're so fierce, I really admire your style :)

    Thanks, cody! :D

    Oh, wow - thank you so much! Hope all is well with you too, sweetheart!

    le blog de leen:
    haha, indeed they are! Thanks!

    Yes, I am - how come? :)


    I do too! Thank you :)

    Hihi, tusen takk!

    Thank you, sweetie - you're the best :)

  17. Belfort4:11 PM

    Knee highs or full?
    Dont you think it get uncomfortable wearing something skintight under something skintight?

  18. Full :) I don't think it's uncomfortable at all, I prefer it that way, actually. Kind of weird, since I hate wearing jeans :p

  19. are the booties comfortable?:]

    I'm thinking of investing into heels- I've always been a flats' girl. but heels look sooo good! I'm just afraid that I won't be able to walk in any of them, just stand and look beautiful, haha:D

    how did you learn walking in heels?

    best wishes, your blog is very aesthetically pleasing!

  20. They're not too uncomfortable! My other boots, in that height, has a thicker heel - so it takes some getting used too. Haven't worn them that much yet :)

    Haha, I understand what you mean :p Some heels just aren't comfortable at all - I have some of those too! It's sad, but logical - the more you pay for shoes, the more comfortable they are.

    How I learned to walk in heels? Hmm.. I used to steal/borrow my grandmothers shoes when I was little, so I guess I've had a lot of practice :p However, the trick is to start with a low heel and walk around in them at home :)

    Thank you so much for commenting - I really appreciate that! And that is such a beautiful compliment <3


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