The original dress

Some of you wanted to see the dress I wore yesterday in all of its original glory, so I ran outside and snapped some pictures of it for you! It really doesn't look like the same dress at all! I noticed I forgot to mention some details in the outfit-post, but I wrapped the upper part of the dress into my belt too; which created a more suitable silhouette for me and made the whole outfit more sophisticated. I'm really happy so many people liked this one, especially since I usually prefer wearing black and a generally darker palette. Thank you very much for commenting, always <3


  1. i know the point was to show the original dress, but i couldn't help being fixated on the artistry of these photos. there's just something about the way you composed them and the romantic idea of laundry in the wind.

  2. Ah yes, the blue suits you well as it matches your eyes.;)
    Thank you so much for your very sweet comment yesterday.:)

  3. Oh My! looks like a totally diferent dress.
    I have something similar waiting for beeing transform, your idea inspired me.
    Great work!

    Kisses Barbro!
    PS: I want to know your opinion about the Karl's lagerfeld collection that I posted in my blog ^^ visit it.

  4. PS: I knew that you gonna like the collection! it's very you.
    thanks for your comments! A "The L word"fan?

  5. kurarin:
    Oh, wow, thank you, sweetie! I was thinking about laundry in the wind, actually :) Thank you for your sweet comments, always!

    Thank you so much, dear! And you're very welcome, of course :)

    Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken:
    Haha, you're too cute! Thank you!

    Indeed, it does :) I'm really happy to hear that I inspired you, thank you for saying so!

    The Lagerfeld collection is drop dead gorgeous! As I said, I can't believe I haven't seen it before! It's so totally me :p Karl rocked my socks !

    Ps: I am a L word fan indeed :D

  6. Anonymous1:48 AM

    i like how you made it in the last post.

    i think you should think about making it permanent

  7. it's look very different, I love how you made it great!, you should wear another colors beside black, you look good in color dress :)

    ps. pls check ur email :)


  8. Such a lovely dress, adore the great shade of blue! <3

  9. cheddah:
    Thank you so much! I can't really sew, and I think altering vintage is somewhat of a crime when it has so much potential for different modifications without it :D

    June Paski:
    Indeed, it does :) Thank you, sweetie - I'll try to challenge myself a bit more in that area! Mail checked and answered :D I'm so excited!

    Thank you, Posh - the blue is gorgeous indeed <3

  10. thanks for the comment. Love what you did to this dress.
    Why not follow my blog?
    Daisymay X

  11. I love the drama of the color combination you did. The dress here looks so cool and ghostly.

  12. I love your blog, i love your style in clothes, you are so extremly pretty, and yeah, L-word rocks! :D


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