A cold shoulder

There's something about the weather today that just says crisp. Cold, maybe.
And very wet. At one point I wasn't sure if my camera would survive.
Luckily, I think it did. I dried it with a towel when I got inside, along with my hair.
I see some picture give the impression that I was dancing around.
I was, indeed. A rain dance, of sorts. The kind that scares it away. I hope.
That said; I have to tell you that I'm addicted to my blazer. It goes with anything, and I love the hint of power-shoulders. I twirled the bottom of my shirt, which made a little black rose with a draped effect. Used a safety-pin to fasten it on the inside, in case you were curious. And, my butt did get when when I sat down. In case you were wondering about that too.

I'm wearing my Cubus velvet leggings and lace detailed shirt, H&M tunic-dress, KappAhl blazer, JSFN shoes and Only necklace. And; those red lips are thanks to IsaDora.


  1. wow..love your outfit!! (:



  2. I love the hint of lace and moody color of these photographs! I'm adding you to my links list--please check back later today & see! You look beautiful.


  3. Actually I was wondering about that :)
    Blazer's are the best! right? I'm addicted to them too.
    love your outfit dear, love the lace detail in your shirt, I'm thinking in a DIY project.
    I love how you look in the third photo, good pose.
    Kisses Barbro!!

  4. oh velvet leggings! wonderful

  5. love the leggings and thanks for the info on the camera!

  6. Love your lace detailed shirt!!

  7. i live in paris but this pictures look really cold!!!!!!!!! my god!!


  8. Those photo's are beautiful! xxx Camilla


  9. These pics are fabulous! I want the velvet leggings.. the wedges in your sidebar that you need - LOVE THEM!

  10. Man, I love your outfits. They say dark and mysterious. And you look good in black. Your shoes are pretty awesome too!

    Btw, I'm linking you to my blog. Is that okay?

  11. Love love your outfit again girl! You never fail to amaze me:)

    Adore the lace details on your blouse and what you did with the twirling on your shirt is such a neat idea!

    Stil in HUGE love with your leggings

  12. thanks for all the comments on my blog ! you've said really sweet things there !

    im following your blog ! you seriously have a style to contribute to the fashion world !

    love of the forest backgrounds u shoot ur photos at .

    and congrats on the fabsugar feature too dear :)

    am following your blog :)

  13. Your shoes are incredible! I've been looking for a pair just like them. You have such great style.

  14. lovely outfit!! you're so pretty and photogenic! :)


  15. Nice outfit, great pics <3

  16. you're beautiful.. ur hairstyle looks like kristen stewart in this month's bazaar.. minus the wave though.. mind exchanging links?? you're a classic beauty dear.. really..

  17. great (as usual!)


  18. You really suit wearing just black!
    I like powershoulders, just not on myself :p Although I guess there kind of are some on the dress in my blog (not meaning to advertise).

  19. I absolutely adore these photographs of you. You have such a unique look - very gothic and haunting, yet completely sophisticated and striking. Fierce! :)

  20. you look stunning as usual - im so jealous of your gorgeous face!! hehe.
    I love the velvet and i agree with some of the other posters that you look amazing in head to toe black!

  21. barbro, miss you soo much

    love ur outfits, I love how you make the draped effects, it makes the dress looks more great, and I want steal ur velvet leggings, cubus is rock!!, and Im agree with constance that you look amazin in everything black


  22. cody:
    Thanks a lot!

    Wow, thank you so much! :D I'll be back for sure ;)

    Haha, I really was! I love blazers, I don't know how many I've got :p This one sure is my fave though :) Thanks for commenting, always!

    Thanks, sweetie! :D

    No worries - thank you very much!

    Chasing Cherries:

    Haha, it wasn't crazycold, but not war, either :p Thanks for commenting!

    Antonia Barros:
    Thanks, hun!

    Thank you very much, Camilla!

    Oh, wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate that! <3 I'd be honored if you'd link to my blog, thanks a lot :D

    Valencia Lia:
    Haha, you're adorable - thank you so much :D

    Oh my, thank you so much! Wow, that's really, really nice of you :D

    Kelley Anne:
    Thanks a lot :D I love them!

    thanks a lot!


    t a l i s h a:
    I'd love to exchange links with you! Thank you so much for such wonderful words <3

    Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken:
    Thanks :D

    Thank you! I've been doing it for some years now :D I saw your dress, and I agree - some power details are ok, but I don't either like too powerful shoulders :)

    cafe Fashionista:
    Oh, wow. just. wow. thank you!

    Haha, gorgeous or not: my camera is very kind to me :) Thank you! I feel most comfortable in all black!

    June Paski:
    Oh, you do? I'm right here, girl :) Cubus really is great - wish you had it in your country too!

  23. Ups, I missed your comment - verseastyle! Thanks a lot! I really want those shoes <3


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