Brown boot blues

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It's been five days since my last post, actually. I look like a wreck, which pretty much explains how I feel too. Please, give me some energy - at least something to get through the Monday-blues. Feeling uninspired and tired these days, in spite of many new purchases. Got invited to a VIP-sale at Cubus with 50% off on the whole collection, and of course I had to go. Spent more than I should, and when I say more; I mean A LOT - but, I don't kiss and tell.

I rarely wear my brown boots, mostly because I don't think it fits me, but I tried them on with my new plaid shirt and four other items from Cubus. I still don't know what I think. The shoes are from a random sale in Oslo, which I only paid 100 Nok ($18) for.


  1. nice boots! looks great! and so does the cardigan!

    helen x

  2. love the boots dear

  3. Helen:
    Thank you, sweetie! The cardigan is so comfy!

    Thank you :) Appreciate it!

  4. The boots are awesome--maybe they're the new you. :) Hope you feel better and get some energy.

  5. These boots are amazing. You should wear them with pride :)
    Hope you feel better soon xx

  6. WOW!

    where do you get that amazing in built style?

    looking specially good this post ;)

    eri xx

    ps thanks for your comment on my blog hehe xx

  7. Likte antrekket ditt =)

  8. the boots are awesome, you shoud wear them more often. love the layers in your outfit. I'm sending some romanian energy right now, hope you receive it :)

  9. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Oh, liker de skoene der :D

  10. Those boots are so cute ! Brown can be a bit hard to combine if your not used to wearing it..

    I'm a VIP too, got a red coat for 245kr :D half-off of a 100kr off sale xD
    Haha, complicated.
    I regret not buying more x) But there wasn't really anything I needed.

    Oh, and sending some good thoughts and inspiration your way ♥ Hope you feel a bit more inspired soon.

  11. Those boots are just the most beautiful ones !! I really love the lace up details and what a steal for them:)

    Gorgeous layering and I adore your chunky knit cardigan with your plaid shirt <3

  12. NOT EVEN looking wrecked at all.
    Lovely lovely boots.. and once again your location is amazing. xx

  13. Rebecca:
    Thank you so much, Rebecca - and you could be right, I felt comfortable in this in spite of my wrecky feeling :)

    Oh, thank you! Just not used to wearing brown, I guess :)

    Haha, thank you, sweetie! My style? Amazing? That's so nice of you to say, but I don't think it's that amazing - most of the time I just want to feel comfortable :) Thank you so much, again!

    Tusen takk :)

    miha, skinny buddha:
    Romanian energy received! Thanks, hun! I'll try to wear them more often, this must have been a grand debut, haha :)

    Takk :D

    - and you do it so freakin well! I'm kind of jealous, you know! Wish I had your skills with combining brown :)

    I loved the sale, and found some amazing pieces - both for winter, spring and summer <3 Glad to hear that you too found something special!

    Thank you for good thoughts and inspiration <3

    Valencia Lia:
    Thank you, Valencia Lia! It's so inspiring to hear that you like it, especially the boots - since I feel a bit ambivalent :)

    Thank you! That's so nice of you, sweetie! Our garden is quite amazing, indeed <3

  14. syns også de var tøffe! likte at det var slik stor sløyfe øverst på de!

  15. wow those shoes are awsome actually your whole outfit is!!

  16. Ronja:
    Tusen takk :D Uvant med brunt :p

    Thank you so much, that's so sweet of you!

  17. I have to say, you look gorgeous in the second photo.
    I like your boots, they look very chic. I have a dark brown pair of boots, I don't use them very often because I never now how to mix them.
    I don't know how to help you with your energy, I'm with low energy too. And I have to study *snif*

    Kisses Barbro!!!

  18. Thank you so much, Melissa! I had to try them on one more time, the first try was a total disaster :p This one grows on me, and is much better :)

    Wish I had some energy to spare, hopefully we'll both be back to our regular self soon!

    Hugs :)

  19. Ble også invitert på sånn vip-salg, men er aaaltfor blakk så måtte desverre takke nei. skjønner jo nå at jeg gjorde det riktige, da du brukte mye penger ;P

  20. Re:Its fun to dress up for Halloween ! I'm doing it at home,not going anywhere though. heeee

    Girl and those boots are indeed so gorgeous ! Wear it more often:)

  21. i love those boots. i am in love with those boots.

  22. love ur boots soooo much, you make me envy >.<


  23. aww i love this outfit ! cool boots and sweater . your photos are always beautiful dear ! :) have a nice day !

  24. Christina:
    Du skal være glad du ikke dro, for jeg har seriøst ikke brukt så mye penger på shopping før :p

    Valencia Lia:
    Maybe that's what I should do! Sounds like fun :D Thank you again, sweetie!

    casandra noëla:
    Thank you! They're growing on me :p

    June Paski:
    Oh, wow, thanks :D You're so sweet!

    You're always so nice to me! Thank you, Becky! Have a great day, you too!

  25. i still have to say that i love love all the nature surrounding you ... those lace boots actually reminded me a pair i purchased years ago in china - i had the similar sentiments as yours and did not if or not i like it - until of course i lost it during a move - and suddenly, i was searching high and low for something even remotely close ... isn't it funny!!!

    btw: thanks fro sharing your "fear" on my previous post - glad to know a bit better, xx

  26. Thank you, UnoCosa - I'm lucky enough to have grown up with these surroundings! However, I'm craving new experiences and I've always wanted to live in a big city, so now I'm stepping out of my shell and moving to our capital, Oslo :)

    Haha, it really is funny! I lost a jacket some time ago, and I really haven't been able to find something similar either! It's very irritating :p And of course, typical!

    Thank you for your comment, and visiting, always! You're the best!

  27. $18 for the boots? what a bargain!

  28. Indeed, such a great find :D Thank you for commenting, sweetheart!

  29. Great outfit! Love the fall look! I noticed that you seem to find just the most perfect locations to take pictures in. Good for you!

  30. Thank you so much, Mary! I'm lucky enough to have this amazing yard, which makes it quite easy to find a location :)


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