My modepass interview

What is your relationship with fashion?
I think I was about nine or ten when this love-affair started. I used to sneak into my grandmothers’ attic and steal her clothes; she had quite the collection from her young and stylish days! Then I’d tuck them under my sweater, borrow some shoes and run to the bathroom across the hall to try them on. Since then I’ve been quite the shopaholic! However, my relationship with fashion is complicated. I feel that personal style is much more important! Anyone can be trendy; but it takes a little something extra to have great personal style. I fell in love with the aspect of personal style quite early in life; I was instantly fascinated, and I’ve been captivated ever since. However, my turning point and introduction to fashion, as we all know it, was probably last year. I opened my eyes and saw a whole new world of fashion and style. I think this was mostly because of how well the trends of A/W 2008 suited me and my personality. Mostly I just adore fashion, and I’m truly addicted to it - and as long as I admit to this, I don’t think I need any serious rehabilitation.

What do you do in life?
I enjoy it! Right now I’m participating in different projects around the world via the amazing thing called internet, mostly concerning fashion and the regular wordplay of a volunteer journalist. I live, love, laugh and cry online, actually, and I probably leave my fingerprints all over the web. I write for an online magazine called Norwegian Fashion, which I love, among other interesting things!

What made you launch a blog?
I had a personal diary online for seven years; suddenly, something changed! I don’t know what, but it gave me more self-confidence and allowed me to view the world in a completely different way. This was about the same time I discovered what I referred to as fashion as we all know it, and that’s when I made the transformation into a fashion and style blog. I never intended to start that kind of blog; it was just a natural thing to do.

How do you define your style?
I don’t know how to define my style. I’ve tried many times, but I’m never satisfied with the answer. I’m constantly changing; I guess I have a borderline fashion-personality disorder. I love mixing things up: like for example putting on my dress backwards, using my skirts as dresses and stealing my lovers’ clothes, just to mention some. I’m creative, but most of the time I’m just me. I wear what I like, and dress according to my feelings and the weather. What doesn’t change is my love for shoes! But to answer the question I would say; romantic rocker meets elegance with a pinch of emotional diva; black edition. I don’t think I can be more specific than that.

What inspires you to build your style?
I want to learn, and I’m craving experience! I’m constantly developing and I’m trying and failing like everyone else. I sometimes feel stupid, irritated and ignorant, but most of the time it’s just fun. I think that’s important – having fun with fashion! I love a challenge, and think that’s my main source of inspiration when it comes to creating and building my style. I get inspiration through challenges. And honestly, I think I want to be appreciated, maybe even admired on some levels, if possible.

Do you have a fashion-icon that you identify with?
I don’t have one icon in particular that I identify with, no. I tend to be drawn to the girl in the background, the mysterious and kind of odd girls in random pictures and editorials. Most of the time I don’t even know the name of the model or person inspiring me; I just get see something I like, identify with. If someone is wearing black, I am immediately intrigued! I find a lot of inspiration in traveling, my family, old movies, nature, mixing up my own closet, people, my favorite designers, new designers, other bloggers and random pictures. I also love studying people that dare to wear colors and patterns, probably because I usually don’t. Of course I have my favorite models like Kate Moss and Milla Jovovich, but who doesn’t?

You admit to be a shoe-addict... How many pairs have you?
I’m always craving new shoes, always! I have about fifty pairs, including sneakers. I just counted, actually, and I found some I had completely forgotten about! My favorite pair is, and will always be, my black Christian Louboutin pumps with hidden platform. I don’t usually buy designer shoes, but the ones I have are my favorites. It’s amazing how much more comfortable these shoes are, but then again, at that price they better be! I actually have a tiny fetish when it comes to red shoes too; I just love the way they pop out!

Why shoes specially?
My addiction to shoes also started early in life, about the same time my criminal career started, (the one including my grandmothers clothes). I used to borrow shoes too, as I mentioned - when I was about nine or ten, although they were way too big for my tiny feet. I remember the most beautiful black suede open toe maybe seven centimeters high heeled cut-out sandal with gold on the inside. This was my first love affair, and I will always remember it as if it was yesterday.

I think I have about a thousand shallow reasons why shoes are so special to me; they’re pretty, divine, stunning, fabulous, amazing, wonderful, lovely and many more synonyms. Let’s take Burberry Prorsums leather lace-up biker boots with the seventeen centimeters banana heel and hidden platform, a wrap-around buckle-fastening ankle strap, a side zip to fasten, a padded base and a gripped rubber sole. What’s not to love? Plus; they make my legs look great! Every self-respecting woman would admit to this.

You often wear black... Why?
I have been wearing almost all black since I was about fourteen. I was a bit of an odd girl in school; the sarcastic kind with heartbroken poetry, and I (probably) still am. I had a lack of self-confidence and black made me blend in. Luckily, this allowed me to experiment more with fabrics and texture, which again probably led me to the addiction of shoes – since shoes, in my opinion, can make or break an outfit. Now, I just feel really comfortable in black. It’s just who I am. I still try to experiment with some colors, but when all is said and done, I always end up wearing something black. This doesn’t mean I’m wearing all black, all the time – I try to add some color into my day, even if it’s as little as pink panties! That’s taking a walk on the wild side!

Dreams for the future?
I have many dreams, but as mentioned earlier – I change a lot. I’ve always been kind of creative with words and other wonderful things. Writing has been a big part of who I am for many years and most of my life I’ve dreamt of being a published and established author. Unconsciously it may seem that I’m aiming at fashion journalism, but consciously I would love to be a fashion-designer! The “only” problem is that I hate sewing, and I’m literary unable to do it in a way that would be considered beautiful – and this would probably be a big problem if I were to pursuit that dream; wouldn’t it? Mostly I just want to be happy, love and stay stylish. After all, I’m a girl!

Here is my interview with modepass. Someone asked me to post it here, so I did - and I posted some triple-pictures in between to make it less boring :)


  1. Knallbra!!! :-)

    Jeg har også litt over 50 par sko:-P

  2. Awesome interview! And the pictures are just gorgeous :D

  3. Monajenten:
    Tusen takk :D Jeg trodde helt seriøst jeg hadde flere, men så feil kan man ta :p

    Aye Smith:
    Thank you so much - that's so sweet of you!

  4. I love your interview.
    We are very similar in some things, (or maybe all the things) I feel very identify with all that you said. For example when your love for fashion start. I start at the same age, when I went for first time to spain, that trip change all my fashion mind, it was like "Ok, this is my thing, I love this".

    I share your love for shoes, and the love for your louboutins, I love them to :) Oh! and I use to wear my mom's shoes ( to big for me of course) and when I was a little girl, I use to go to the shoes store and I try all the shoes, with high heels of course. It was so fun, the salesman freaked out xD

    Like I said, I really enjoy this interviews, I learn more about you and is very fun.

    Kisses Barbro!

  5. Thank you so much, Melissa - it's so nice to hear that from you! I bet the salesman would look kind of freaked out when a little girl tried on grown-up shoes :P Such a great story, though :D

    Kisses and hugs :D

  6. I love the random girls in the background too. :) They have so much more depth than the ones dancing on the tables!

  7. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Fantastic interview! ;)

  8. Rebecca:
    I thought you might; you seem like a girl with her feet on the ground :)

    Thank you, sweetie!

  9. this is my first comment, but i've been visiting this blog for a while and it's pretty good to know a little bit more about its author.

    cool site!

  10. such great photos! i read the interview the other day, it was really good.

  11. Lluviaschick:
    Thank you so much for commenting, it really means the world to me! I have a lot of anonymous readers, and I hope to get to know them better :) Thanks for visiting, and commenting :)

    Thank you so much, Dani! You're way too cool ;)


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