I might have been born in a hovel, but I am determined to travel with the wind and the stars.

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You know when you're growing up and have all kinds of dreams, all about becoming something really special; a ballerina, a skateboarder, a doctor or even a cabdriver? But then everyone starts telling you you can't ever become something other than a miserable whore, that your dreams aren't realistic at all - just plain stupid? Fuck them. Just do your own thing. It's your life, isn't it?

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It takes no time to fall in love, but it takes you years to know what love is

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October is breast cancer awareness month, and I'm painting my lips pink in honor of all the good work scientists, doctors and nurses are doing out there. Big or small, save them all.

PS: Yes, I did put one of the collar-flap-things on the inside of the sweater on purpose. I'm that whimsical ;)

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How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.


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All dressed up on a Tuesday afternoon, and nowhere to go. OK, so I had stuff to do, people to see and events to attend, but you probably know me by now.. People kind of scare me, so I went home to a cozy fireplace and a cappuccino instead. For the next six months, I will most likely be hibernating - as usual. I only go out when it's really necessary - for instance when I need more bananas, vanilla yogurt or coffee. A few of my favorite things. Sometimes, I'll have the urge to buy fresh flowers as well, but those days are usually far apart. And maybe, just maybe, I'll go outside to take a few pictures, even though it's cold as hell. Oh, my optimism is suffocating.
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If you remember me, then I don't care if everyone else forgets.

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I'm grieving the loss of summer. My veil may be dark, but it is still beautiful. How do you deal with fall? Is it a joy, or is it not? My thought go to the coming months of darkness and cold, the stinging feeling beneath my feet as they touch the floor in the morning. Almost like a thousand needles. Am I the only one? The only drama-queen?
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Hi October, it's me; Barbro..

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The months are just flying by. If it wasn't for the leaves changing color, I wouldn't ever have noticed. It's October now. September is gone. When did we get here?