You stood in my doorway, with nothing to say - besides some comment on the weather.

Dress - iiS of Norway // Jacket - H&M // Shoes - Nelly

Good morning! Today I'm feminine, with a hint of glamor and edge. The dress has these draped effects that really enhance curves - even if you don't have them, like me. I think the overall effect is quite magnificent.
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I think of you whenever life gets me down

Knit sweater - iiS of Norway // Jeans - H&M // Jacket - H&M // Shoes - DinSko

Oh, dear, where do I start? I guess I've found my go-to outfit for fall and winter, to say the least. The knits pretty much speak for themselves, don't they? So, so beautiful - with this intricate detailed pattern. It's almost romantic. So Nordic, and so chic. I'm at a loss for words. And as if that weren't enough; I've fallen in love with pants, for some unknown reason. These one in particular have burgled their way into my heart, if that's even a thing. It is now. Super soft, which for me, is a must. I always used to wear leggings and tights because I just couldn't find any pants that fit me properly. Well, that's changed for sure, and all I had to do was stop by H&M.

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Autumn's the mellow time.

Denim shirt - Romwe // Dress - Gifted DeeDay via Mildh Press // Belt - Cubus // Shoes - H&M

Summer is over. The leaves are turning. I wish I could go into hibernation, and just wake up in May.
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