Welcome to my imaginary summer..

Dress - 21 dgrs // Belt - DOTN // Tights - Gina Tricot // Shoes - Xit

I'm in my late great grandmothers garden, reminiscing. One day of almost summer, one outfit almost photographed. Not much to brag about! This dress however is very summery and sweet, 100% crepe silk from 21 dgrs - which I will tell you more about later. I forgot my tripod at home, so these pictures aren't exactly my very best work. I used a plastic chair to get a familiar angle, but it could only get me so far. This far. It kind of reminded me of how I used to take pictures in the beginning of this blogging adventure of mine.

Not to complain, but I just can't get over how terrible the weather is right now! Storms, winds and pouring rain, those are the keywords right now. I would go outside, just to show you, but I'm afraid I'll blow far-far away.

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Now here is an awesome giveaway for you guys! Online superstore ASOS has teamed up with Fashiolista and 11 fashion bloggers this summer, and we are giving away 11 x €100 gift vouchers to spend at the ASOS webshop. This means that one of you guys will be the ever-so lucky winner of a €100 gift voucher!

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Oh, what I would do with €100 gift voucher right now! I'd probably splurge on a new pair of shoes or go crazy at the up to 70% sale! Perhaps I wouldn't know what to do with that much extra money, and just glance at a thousand awesome pieces before I decided on something. Knowing me, I'd probably go with the shoes.

What are you waiting for? It could be your lucky summer fling.. I mean win! Feel free to tell me what you'd buy, I'm always curious to read about you!

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Friday is my day

Shorts - Romwe.com // Sweater - SheInside.com //Shades - Giant Vintage // Boots - Nelly

Oh, how I adore summer - even though it hasn't been particularly kind this year around. Yet. Some days, it's actually warm enough to wear shorts. I think this counts, even though I'm wearing them with a chunky knit sweater. That's just Norway in a nutshell, I guess. I cannot wait until I move abroad; whenever that may be and wherever that may be. Any suggestions?

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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Top - SheInside.com // Shorts - Gina Tricot // Feather clip - via Ebay // Shoes - DinSko // Stick - Mother natures

Today I decided to just have some freakin' fun with my shoot and this is the result of that. I did it in black and white to enhance the overall expression, and I'm quite happy with the result. I especially like the lighting. Hope you like it too!