Look, it's okay to admire my wife, but would you mind taking your elbow out of my butter?

LinkDress - Love // Belt - Traded // Shoes - Thrifted

This dress is dreamy and romantic, and I love it. What else is there to say?

Quote: Three Little Words (1950)

Herceg Novi; step by step.

I told you I had a ton of vacation pictures to show you guys! Here I'm walking through the old town in Herceg Novi. It's such a beautiful place; serene and captivating. Not to mention exhausting, because of all the stairs and steps. But that's OK, I got some beautiful shots and a nice workout at the same time. And a rewarding ice cream in the end.

SPF 50

Dress - Mad Love // Hat - Montenegrin // Shades - Giant Vintage // Shoes - DinSko

On one of my walks in the old town of Herceg Novi, Montenegro, I managed to snap some quick outfit shots in this interesting environment. It was in the middle of an extremely hot day, so I was just one of the few people walking around between the ancient buildings. I'm sitting between an old church and a local music school, enjoying a light breeze from the Adriatic sea. It seems like forever ago, but it's barely been two weeks.

Blown away by Crna Gora

Top - Romwe.com // Shorts - DOTN // Hat - Local from Igalo, Montenegro // Shades - Giant Vintage // Shoes - Zara

Time for some vacation pictures, starting with this little outfit from one of my days in the land of the black mountains. Crna Gora was amazing, and I have plenty of pictures to show you guys from my seven days in the sun. I even made a pit stop in Croatia and visited the historic town on Dubrovnik. Stay tuned for some of my favorite shots from the coast of the Adriatic sea.