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My New York Fashion Week | Thank you, Nokia and ELLE!

How could I possibly even begin to thank Nokia & ELLE for giving me this opportunity? How can I put into words what I have experienced; seen, heard, felt and even smelled?

In my style portfolio, I wrote about how I wanted to cover New York Fashion Week and how I was planning on doing it. I wrote that I wanted to show that even though this industry is fast-moving, there is still a certain romance to it all. I wanted to show it all from my personal point of view, from my perspective - and I think I have accomplished that. I think I’ve captured it all, through my writing, my style and of course – my pictures.

I chose to use my Nokia N8 as the ultimate social media tool in all the ways I could think of, and what I learned to appreciate the most, (even though I only used it three times ), was the recorder. Thank godess for the recorder! I was given the opportunity to interview two amazing artists: Stacy Igel of Boy meets Girl and make-up artist Viktorija Bowers – both of which I felt an instant connection with. I guess we have similar spirits, and are in fact, interested in sharing pieces of our soul through our fashionable interests. If it hadn’t been for the N8, I would never have been able to tell the whole story of these amazing persons and share it all on my blog.

What I used the most during my days in New York was without a doubt the application Molome and the camera on my N8. I took pictures of everything; the food, my friends, a street, a cab, a moment backstage, a quick shot of what I was wearing – everything I could think of, and I spammed my community with pictures every single hour using Twitter as my main source of outlet. I was able to share my experience so fast and in such a beautiful way, I decided to use the Molome pictures on my blog as well. They really conveyed the feeling I was going for, all dreamy and very hectic, even romantic at times.

I was of course completely overwhelmed by the entire experience of the final round in this competition, I still am; and I do feel that I didn’t always do my very best. I know all of the other finalists felt the same way, just because being in New York gave us so many opportunities. We felt both lost and at home at the same time. We did however try our very best, and I think that’s all that matters in the end! An average of three hours of sleep every night, followed by twelve hours standing in our heels, drowning ourselves in 3 liters of water just to get through the day, running through the boiling pavement jungle just to reach our next appointment, scribbling down page after page of notes and taking fifty pictures before noon; not to mention the taxi-fares piling up to overwhelming amounts. It was fashion week. It is New York City. And I freakin’ loved every second of it!

If I were to point out my very favorite moments and things during NYFW by Nokia & ELLE, highest on my list would be getting to meet the other amazing finalists; stylists, designers, artists, photographers, ELLE-representatives and of course the wonderful people from Nokia and 1000heads. You guys really made this week transcend our hopes and dreams, making it a memory for life. Second on my list would be, to everyone’s surprise I'm sure; thrifiting in the amazing vintage stores hidden all over Manhatten. The BEBE show was quite amazing as well, and so was meeting Anna Sheffield x2, both for Bing Bang + WeSC and Bridal & Commitment. Meeting Viktorija Bowers was epic. I found a lot of inspiration on meeting with ELLE representatives; Petra Middelthon, as well as Keith and Britt at the ELLE office. I really enjoyed The Circle Line cruise, even though it is a very touristy activity - just the fact that I got to see the amazing skyline at sun-set and early night, was to me; amazing and very inspirational. Not to mention all the fine dining we did, thanks to some serious research done by Meg, Katie and Prima. Unforgettable meals at The Standard, Bryant Park Grill, 5 Napkin Burger, Ruby Foo’s and Buddakan! All in all, it was just the experience and the people I got to meet. Taking the iconic yellow cabs, eating New York pizza and walking around the city. And of course; Central Park.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I was actually in New York City, it all really just feels like a dream now. I probably wouldn't believe it if I didn’t have all these pictures stored on my laptop. I look back on my days in the city as chaotic and magnificent. I did in fact feel the inspiration as I was running through the streets and avenues of the city, I listened and watched as the designers created fashion and trends as we all know it. I feel like I actually saw the soul of designers and artists from all over the world as their designs and creations walked down the runways. I fell in love with the city, and got lost in this iconic city-jungle more times than I can count. I experienced New York for all that it is, with all of my heart - and I am forever grateful for have been lucky enough to see it with my own two eyes. If you ask me now what my defining moments in fashion and life is, I will say New York Fashion Week - all thanks to Nokia & ELLE.

Now I’m sitting here, back in autumn-y Norway, trying not to cry thinking about my eight days walking around like a zombie, actually realizing a lifelong dream just by being there. It’s unreal. I feel empty, but at the same time I feel that I have poured tons of hope and inspiration into my chalice and I feel that there actually is some hope for me, after all. I’ve learned so much about myself, I don’t know where to begin. I’m stronger than I ever thought I was and I actually have something to tell the world. I’m not that insecure girl who grew up in the middle of nowhere anymore. I’m me, and I am strong.

The only thing I didn’t really live up to was how I packed my suitcase. In my portfolio, I said “all I needed was passion and courage - the N8 and its charger; a couple of killer heels, my laptop and a toothbrush”. That turned out to be as far away from the truth as possible. There were approximately 9 pair of shoes, 20 outfits and a chaos of accessories – and even more when I got back home. At Newark, I was pushing and pulling the maximum weight of 46 kilos of luggage, plus my carry-on which was waay over 10 kilos. And my handbag, which includes my 3 kilo laptop. I was literary carrying around several kilos more than I personally weigh! I was lucky to even get through security with that amount of luggage; it was either that - or my new-found New-York confidence!

When all this is said and done; I want to thank Meg, Katie, Prima and the amazing people behind the scenes of this experience. The very patient film crew that followed us around every day, everywhere. They all guided us, helped us and became our friends. A special thanks to all of you for not giving up on us, for believing in us – and most importantly, for pushing us when we needed it the most. Getting to experience New York like this.. was incredible, and all in all, I just find it impossible to describe. Words seem silly and small compared to the feelings I am left with now. And I will never forget the new friends I made. Energetic Ricardo, the only boy in our group, from whom we all got tons of inspiration. Sweetest Julie, my fellow Norwegian, whose calm spirit always lifted our mood and relaxed us when we needed it. Amazing Laurren, the funnies girl on the block, with a charming southern dialect and awesome personality. Darling Isabelle, my JC Lita twin, whose smile infected the whole group. Gorgeous Cindy, the hardcore fashionista, with a wonderful personality and magnificent style. Sarcastic Bonnie, with her awesome Australian self, who made us all laugh so hard we peed our pants a little every day. Miss Jessy, our German/Polish star, whose sequins made our days even brighter. I miss you, I miss New York and I love you all. Thank you!

My molome moments

It's impossible trying to sum up a life-changing experience like this, but I want to share some of my favorite Molome-moments here on my blog. Hope you like it!

My New York travel tips!

Your first time in New York City? This was mine! Here are some hot-off-the-press travel-tips from a newborn New Yorker!
  • Don’t be afraid to explore the city. Just walk! I wish I just walked around more the first day; explored the area and learned which streets to stand in when hailing a cab. Some drivers don't want to turn around and drive you to Lincoln Center when they are heading south on Broadway.
  • Taxis are cheap. Just get the address(es) online before you go out and give it to the driver if you have trouble pronouncing it, like I do. Be sure to always have enough time when hailing a cab; get there early instead of late - and don't forget to tip!
  • Bring your camera, flats and a bottle of water everywhere! You will need all of them!
  • Go thrifting! I got an Oscar De La Renta skirt for $7.50 and BCBG Maxazaria dress for $38! My favorite store in New York is NYC Opera Thrift Store!
  • Get pizza!
  • Go to Central Park if you ever feel overwhelmed or just need a break from the city! Even if you just walk 50 meters into the park, you’ll feel relaxed and have time to meditate. Central Park also smells great, and that's a nice change from hot-dog stands and pretzel-booths.
  • Meet up with bloggers from the area, they know where all the good shops are!
  • Even though the Circle Line take time and sounds very touristy – take it! It’s really relaxing and a great way to get some iconic shots of New York City. If you can, take it in the afternoon – so that you get the amazing sunset and get to see the skyline at night!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for directions or talk to people. New Yorkers apparently have a reputation for being quite rude, but I never experienced any of that. Everyone was super nice and I even got compliments on my style from complete strangers as they were passing me by. People in NYC are great, and I love it!
  • Explore restaurants, caf├ęs and bistros! Try new things whenever you get the chance!
  • Go to Macy's and Saks on fifth avenue. I don't think I need to explain that further!

Central Park

On my last day, I finally had time to go to Central Park. I almost thought I wouldn't be able to make it, but firmly decided that that would be totally ridiculous. Being in New York and not exploring at least a tiny part of the Manhattan jungle? Silly! I walked from Times Square, which didn't take that long at all, and ate a giant pretzel on my way. If only I would have taken time out of my schedule to visit the park earlier during my stay.. It was magnificent! I already know nature is my main source of inspiration, so why didn't I take advantage of that when I needed it the most? Silly, silly, silly!

Spotted outside Lincoln Center

I was spotted outside Lincoln Center wearing dress, Vatle faux-fur jacket, thrifted suitcase, thrifted leather skirt from Uff, Cubus belt, JC shoes. Captured by I'M KOO.

Si elle lit elle lit Elle | Meeting Britt Aboutaleb and Keith Pollock

Two ELLE-meetings in one day? Incredible! Inspiration overload, one could say. Can you believe we actually got to meet with real-life editors at the ELLE headquarter in New York City? It was such an amazing experience, I don't have any words for it; just the fact that I was able to walk through the hallways of a gigantic magazine like that!? Imagine all that has happened there throughout the infinite amount of seasons passed, and just look at this view: who wouldn't be inspired?

I really want to share the insider-tips we got from both Britt and Keith during our meeting, because; you know I think of blogging as sharing, and sharing is caring - so I really hope you like it!

We are guided into the conference room at ELLE. Britt Aboutaleb, style news editor, and Keith Pollock, an editorial director of, greeted us openly. All eight of us were clearly nervous to be in the presence of such talented and successful people, we actually had a difficult time getting into "now-is-you-chance-ask-whatever-you-want" kind of mood. We were of course still on a high after having eaten breakfast with the beautiful Petra Middelthon of ELLE Norway earlier that day. Luckily, Keith and Britt had prepared some general information to start with and was clearly updated on what was going on around the office.

They started talking about ELLE as a brand, and we soon realized that ELLE-employees does not consider ELLE to be just a magazine. It's a big production consisting of books, videos, advise, events, tv-shows and, of course, a general coverage of fashion.
- ELLE is much more than a brand, it's an experience, Keith points out.

Generally quite shocked just to be at ELLE, we got to ask whatever we wanted, and mostly, as a group, were interested in how we could get to work for ELLE! Surprised? No? I guess anyone in our position would ask for advise on that exact subject. Both Keith and Britt agree that experience is key, and unfortunately for me, a college-degree is almost more important than anything else. Being a high-school drop-out, I really felt like someone hit me with a car in that moment - but I picked myself up rather quickly, as I know there's still room for self-taught, passionate souls out there - like for instance the talented Viktorija Bowers.

In order to get experience, they advised us take whatever job we could get. Jump on an internship, be an assistant, anything fashion-related is better than nothing. Like Petra Middelthon told us earlier the same day; you never know who you are going to meet! Best case scenario, I think to myself; "what if I bump into Anna Wintour's assistant waiting in line for coffee? What if she needs help carrying all of the coffees upstairs?" I can't exactly disagree with myself as I daydream about spilling coffee all over Anna's desk. Keith bursts my little bubble by telling us that in the end, it all boils down to who your worked with, what you did and who you know. If I were to add a little spice to that statement, I'd say you need a generous portion of good luck as well.

To the ELLE-family, a different approach and a unique perspective seems to be very important. They think, that as a writer, you have to have your own voice, never go with the obvious story and always stay updated on what's happening around you. A well known trick is to always check out the competition before you do your own. What's their next move? And what's yours? How can you cover the same thing in your own unique way?

From personal experience, I find the ELLE-way the only way, so to speak. It may sound cheeky, but it's all about how they do it; with perspective and passion. Some of my all-time favorite articles come from the ELLE-family, not very shocking as my favorite magazine is ELLE UK. They do have an unique way of telling the most intriguing stories about culture, love, music, career and art. All the good things in life! My most recent favorite is an interview within the series of "Stylish thinking" dictated to ELLE by Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester of ‘Glee’ in the March issue of ELLE UK magazine (2011). I found that particular piece to be absolutely hilarious!

On the subject of blogging, both Keith and Britt have strong opinions, which they are not afraid to share. They emphasize yet again the importance of having your own voice, which really goes for any career within fashion and journalism. It sounds pretty simple, but in reality it's harder than most of us can imagine. Keith explains that it's an over-saturated marked, and being a blogger generally boils down to knowing and understanding the importance of being yourself. He tells us never to aim to be just like our favorite blogger; that this kind of thinking only will lead to an ultimate failure - because those spots already are filled. We already knew that, but it's nice to know that it's not just what we as independent bloggers think. Britt underlines that there is a reason why bloggers like Style Bubble, Man Repeller, Bryan Boy and Rumi are so successful, and that's because they have found their own voice.

ELLE has a great voice, I already know that - and if you've read the magazine, you probably know it as well. Keith tells us that ELLE consists of a large group of amazing writers; both stationary and freelancing. One of the main criteria of working with ELLE is to "stay true to the art of writing". That's easier said than done, if you ask me. Being in the position that I am right now, I'm finding it more and more difficult to stay confident in my writing. Having a deadline in a few hours is stressful and exhilarating at the same time. Neither blogging or journalism is as glamorous as it seems; it's hard work, long hours and generally involves a lot of coffee. Britt tells us that the news-section of has about 10-12 articles published every day, and editing all of these pieces is a lot of work. Then there are additional slide-shows, press-trips, appointments, press-viewings, fashion shows and just generally keeping in touch with your ever-growing network.

So, to sum up the insider-tips on how to succeed as a blogger and/or writer, as seen from ELLE editor Keith and Britt's point of view, here are the three most important ones:
  • Have your own voice and be yourself.
  • Get experience by working within the industry.
  • Stay updated on current events and educate yourself.
Thanks a lot, Keith and Britt. It was a pleasure meeting you guys! I know we will meet again, soon!

Anna Sheffield | Bridal & Commitment SS12

You probably remember one of my first posts from my New York fashion week and the Bing Bang collaboration between Anna Sheffield and WeSC. The Bridal & Commitment line was launched almost simultaneously during our stay in the city, and Anna invited us personally for a pre-preview of the whole collection at The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District! Getting up to the 17th floor was easier said than done! We needed the concierge to swipe his card just to take the elevator up to the Empire Suite, where Anna was preparing for her launch party later that evening.
The collection definitely has Anna's name written all over it, and consists of about 40 different styles. Don't be fooled by the name of the collection, because it is absolutely not limited to brides and grooms to-be. B&C is based on the idea of commitment, and therein of course love, which Anna is all about. She created the rings so that you can mix and match them any way you like. Her goal is to let you personalize your jewelery; whether you taste is black diamonds, safires, rubies or white gold mixed with pink accents. There are promise rings, stacking rings and anniversary pieces - with all the different combinations and variations you can possible think of. All in all, there are over hundreds of pieces with endless possibilities. Anna even managed to turn the princess-cut upside down, and make it work.
Her agent summed it all up pretty well: "Anna is so talented, it's ridiculous". This is her first ever collection within this specific genre, and I think she most definitely made a remarkable debut. It is exclusive, spicy, personal, very unique and very Anna.
Visit for more delicious diamonds!

Spotted outside The Standard // Meatpacking District

On my way to Anna Sheffield's pre-preview of Bridal & Commitment at The Standard. Wearing Estela Balan blouse, skirt, Blue Mercury tote, Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne shades, Cubus belt and JC shoes. Photo by Ricardo Hernandez.

Breakfast with Petra Middelthon | Fashion Director of ELLE Norway

How lucky am I to have met Petra Middelthon and have my breakfast served while listening to her passionately talk about fashion, style and her work? Petra is the Fashion Director of ELLE Norway, which I found to be oh so cool, and she kindly took time out of her schedule to talk to us during New York Fashion Week. She was of course very intimidating, probably not intentionally - but at the same time very friendly. I guess I was just kind of frightened of her absolute power position in the Norwegian fashion industry, especially since she works very closely to Signy Fardal, editor-in-chief of ELLE Norway. I'm pretty sure she could either make you, or break you. Regardless, I want to share the tips and tricks she gave us during our meeting with you, my wonderful friends!

Petra starts the conversation by telling us about her life; her hectic days and how she got in to the fashion industry to begin with. She has over 20 years of experience, and started out before she really knew what a stylist was; before mobile phones, the internet, blogs and twitter. Her favorite city in the world is, of course, Paris. "The most creative", she tells us. She may be partial, though - as she spent 7 years living there. Today she sits in a position where she gets to travel all over the world and experience fashion for all that it is. She gets to choose what trends, styles, models, locations and make-up trends to follow - surely, a dream come true for a lot of us. Listening to her talk is like watching a movie, or more accurately, a documentary. I have a very vivid imagination, and I tend to daydream while listening to people talk. Petra's description of her experiences are very detailed, and I feel like I get to experience a little piece of her life just by being in her presence. I'm so focused and concentrated, listening and taking notes, that I almost forget to eat my breakfast. My coffee is getting cold.

“If you want to be a part of this industry, you have to live the lifestyle”, Petra says. "You have to believe in yourself, and you have to have experience!" She worked her way up from bar-tending and being a cleaning lady through absolute focus by meeting people and just never giving up! Her story is very inspirational, and just shows that nothing is as glamorous as you might like it to be. You can of course be very lucky and catch a break, meet the right person at the right time - but you will always have to prove yourself. You will have to show that you actually can work, deliver, perform - anytime, anywhere.

Petra underlines that one of the most important aspects of this industry is trust. How do we earn trust? Through hard work and consistency. Another important thing is to know your limits and never take on too much, because if you can't do your job, it will most definitely backfire. I feel that my experiences during NYFW, in some way, are very similar to what she was talking about. I did feel that I wasn't able to do my very best at all times, and that I did in fact - take on a bit too much. She definitely hit home-base, so to speak, and I'm glad I now have some experience to back up what was just theories two weeks ago. Myth busted.

But what is it really like being a Fashion Director?
"It is both difficult and fun", she tells us. I can absolutely relate to her job description, even though I'm an independent blogger, without anyone watching my every move. Mostly, Petra's job consists of a lot of paperwork, answering e-mails and just generally being organized - a full time job, for sure - but a normal day is always different. There are all sorts of meetings, e-mails, decisions that have to be made, editing, putting it all together and in the end, it's all about making it work. Then she goes home - keep talking on the phone, make dinner, more emails, more calls. It's a 24/7 job and a lot of work, hard work. She underlines the importance of teamwork, which magazines are all about, and that kind of left a mark on me personally. I've never been really good at teamwork, I guess I'm a very independent soul - so if I want to aim for a career within fashion and/or journalism, I will have to work on that. I've always thought writers were their own masters, but in the end it's really all about teamwork. You can't make it on your own.

Her best tips for us newbies are: build your own network, remember that nothing is set in stone and always know that you choose your own road! She reminds us that some of the people we meet actually become our friends, which I think suits the whole Nokia & ELLE experience very well. We have actually all become friends, and forgotten that this whole thing a competition - and I believe that we will stay in touch even when all of this is over.

Suddenly, an hour had flown by and Petra ends our conversation by telling us: "You’ll always have regrets and think you should have done something different, but you can’t dwell on it – you have to move on! Always remember, you never know who you are going to meet. Just be your best, be yourself. It’s going to come for you."
Petra told us that working at ELLE is very rewarding, and though it may sound silly; I feel that meeting her was truly inspirational and rewarding for me. Thank you so much for meeting us, Petra - and a special thanks to Bonnie for helping me with some of these pictures!
I'm wearing Estela Balan blouse, skirt, Cubus belt, Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne shades, Blue Mercury bag and JC shoes. Believe it or not; the JC shoes actually become my most comfortable shoes during my stay in NY!

The dark fairy of make-up | An interview with Viktorija Bowers

Passionate, caring, hard working, determined and beautiful: meet Viktorija Bowers, a self taught Croatian make-up artist living in pulsating New York City. She is overwhelmingly approachable and we connect instantly. Her style is very defined: true black, accentuated by her bird-skull engagement ring and astonishing red lips. We are backstage at Style360 hosted by ELLE at the Metropolitan Pavilion; surrounded by models, make-up artists, photographers and stylist – I tune out the noise and watch as Viktorija take a seat in front of her workplace. Wading in foundation, lipsticks and blush by mirrors and lights, she looks up at me from her chair with what I can only describe as absolute focus. I’m deeply honored - and I guess it will come as no surprised that she has perfect, flawless skin, since she is a make-up artist and all that jazz!

Being a child of a hairstylist and growing up in the beauty business definitely had something to do with her choice of career. Viktorija is also a painter, and her love of art drew her towards make-up and this unique way of self expression. I ask her why she became a make-up artist to begin with?
- I have become a make-up artist because I love art, and I love self expression in the sense of color and conveying a feeling. And when I was a little girl I would always say that I wanna be paid to do something that I love, and I think I have achieved my dream, she tells me very passionately. Growing up in the theater and having acting as her first passion, she tells me that when she picked up those make-up brushes, it was just meant to be. It almost sounds romantic, if you ask me. A dream come true. Today, she has a pretty impressive track-record and has worked with Cosmopolitan, Vogue Nippon, L’Officiel, Diane Von Furstenberg and Marie Claire China, just to mention some!

We are behind the scenes of Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne. The show starts in less than forty minutes, and surrounding us is a fully operative and organized chaos. The most important thing right now?
- It is making sure that you keep an eye on your tasks. And of course it helps when you are supported by an amazing team. I would not be here if I didn't have a great team. And I'm very grateful for each and every one of them, they are doing an amazing job. And that makes me a little calmer and a little more confident, knowing that they have my back.
Viktorija hasn’t worked with Avril Lavigne before, but is in fact the key make-up artist for the entire Style360 extravaganza. Majorly cool, if you ask me. She did the Bebe show just prior to this one, which I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of. I actually underlined “great styling and make-up” in my notes, which is kind of funny! It just shows how versatile Viktorija really is, and that even though you never get to see what goes on behind the scenes of fashion shows – key artists can most definitely make it or break it.

Inspired by artists like Brian Froud, Viktorija finds beauty and inspiration though the aesthetics of darkness. She is of course influenced by her own style when it comes to her work and finds a darker Gothic approach very appealing – but she also thinks airy make-up ads are interesting to work with - especially since they bring food on the table. She's most definitely true to herself, and think she can do just about everything there is when it comes to make-up. She loves the variety that comes with her work! It's all about not limiting yourself, but seeing what you can bring to the table - with your own twist, she explains.
- I would say that I'm not a slave to trends, I kind of march to the beat of my own drums. And I actually like a lot of dark ascetics, so much so that an Italian magazine called me the dark fairy of make-up. I like fairies, and dark imagery. I love finding beauty in darkness, and transcending it into trends.

And I'm sure you can guess who her favorite designers are? Artists like Alexander McQueen, Garreth Pugh and Rick Owen. She also thinks the classic approach of Carolina Herrera, Diane Von Furstenberg and Burberry are great - especially the leather-jackets from Burberry. Why am I not surprised?

I decided to pull out the big guns, without revealing my own identity and ask her what she thinks of fashion bloggers.
- I think they are the "new pulse", she tells me enthusiastically! Viktorija explains that she think bloggers share real opinions through untainted channels with fresh tendencies and bring new talent to light. Being a blogger, I cannot disagree. She is clearly stating facts, only emphasized by the reality that I’m interviewing a hugely talented artist that I had never heard of before this afternoon. It soon becomes clear to me that Viktorija has thought about this particular subject before.

How do you think bloggers affect fashion trends?
- I think it adds a more fresh approach to trends. Because, we have a tendency to grow in a rut as an industry. We repeat and recycle, but we like to call it new, but when you have an independent blogger that isn't necessarily under anybodys thumb, they can call you out. And they are also responsible for bringing new talent to light, that could be silenced by the politics of big magazines. They can land the voice of people that don’t have connections.

Her must-have can’t-live-without agent, Brandi Benson, is in charge of her day to day work, and when Viktorija is not busy being a key artist - she mostly do a lot of advertising. Good advertisements, if you ask me.
- I do lots of print and advertising, so my day is.. every day is different, and that is the beauty of my job. I get to work with different crews and I have different assignments that I'm able to add my twists to. And just be creative! You can't ask for a better job, it is just an amazing opportunity and a great blessing, she tells me. I had a look at her website and I definitely love her personal style and overall expression, especially the darker approach, which may not come as a surprise.
I’m of course mesmerized by her A+ personality and admittedly star struck to be in her presence. Viktorija’s life is never boring and she thinks it’s absolutely amazing. Earlier in her career, she used to do a lot of catwalk shows, but took a little break from it all to get her focus back.
- I said to myself that the next time that I work at a fashion week I will be the key artist and my dream came true, she tells me smiling. We should most definitely bring her to Scandinavia, but only if she can be the key make-up artist!

We head out to the catwalk to check out how the rehearsal is going. The choreographer is screaming; "lots of energy girls!" as we walk across the room. We are standing at the end of the catwalk watching the models strut their stuff and Viktorija is checking to see if there is anything that needs to be changed. There is! The models are too shiny! Viktorija is doing a greasy, black eye look, with a matte foundation – and this look definitely need some tweaks, according to her.
- That’s what rehearsals are for, she tells me without looking at me, completely concentrated on the task at hand.

Viktorija has been a great subject to work with this afternoon, and gives me the perfect finish to a great talk just as we’re about to wrap it up:
- I am very much aware, that I have walked this path, not alone: that I have people that help me, from the first photographers that ever gave me a chance - I will never forget them. I will never stop being grateful. Never forget people that helped you, no matter how high you climb - remember that!

For more pictures, information and inspiration; check out Viktorija's website and blog!
Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me, Viktorija - now I'm the one that's forever grateful! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you. Thank you!
I'm wearing Vatle knitted sweater from the menswear collection, thrifted belt, Anna Sheffield custom made necklace and JC shoes. Profil picture from Viktorija website. Editorial pictures: The Dope Show (Viktorijas first) by Michael David Adams for City Magazine. Last picture taken by sweet Meg.

Just hanging at The Metropolitan Museum of Art..

I didn't really have time or energy to take outfit-pictures during my stay in New York, but luckily the other bloggers went all kinds of paparazzi on me every now and then. The first picture is taken by Isabelle and the other two by Ricardo. I'm wearing gifted jeans (yes, jeans!) and top from WeSC, DIY leather cuff, Kmart bag, random glasses, gifted necklace and DNA shoes. Where am I? Oh, at the Met, of course.