Barbro by Anette Schive

I've been a huge admirer of photographer Anette Schive for quite some time now, but I never dreamed she'd want to photograph me: so you can imagine my surprise when she asked me for a shoot?! She even wanted me to style it, which made it even more fun! I personally love these pictures, especially since it was only my second time in a studio - which was totally nerve-wrecking by the way! My personal favorite is the first one and of course - the improvised knit gown. What do you think?

Btw: all clothes are mine, except from a knitted jumper you can't see. I stole that from my lover.

Dizzy does it

I don't know how to explain it, but I've been feeling rather overwhelmed lately. I'm so looking forward to New York, it's all I can think about. I had a little photoshoot yesterday with the wonderful Anette Schive, but I don't feel like I did my very best. My head is spinning and I feel tired all the time, so what I'm doing right now is drinking coffee and trying to collect my thoughts by watching some TV. I think it's called relaxing, but I don't feel very relaxed. My schedule this week is pretty crazy, but it's a good way to prepare myself for what's to come. I do need some inspiration, though. Do you have some for me? What inspires you at the moment?

I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you

This is without a doubt one of the most comfortable outfits I've worn in a long time! I stole my lovers knitted cardigan and threw it over this thrifted plaid shirt which has an amazing collar, put on some comfortable tights, walking shoes and finished it all of with some glasses. I rarely wear glasses as I always feel they are in the way, but I've been trying to change that lately. These are just for the look though, but I've ordered some from Proopticals a couple of weeks ago with a very distinguish look, which I'm looking forward to trying on.

Wearing my lovers cardigan from Ellos, thrifted shirt, Gina Tricot tights, DinSko shoes and random glasses.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Yvan Rodic took this picture of me at a photo exhibition here in Oslo this June. It's weird. Quirky. And I love it!

Excuse me, Mrs. Andersen!

I just received my order from, (read more here), and I was very curious to see if the skirt would be too short for me, as I like to wear everything as high-waisted as possible. At first, I really thought it was too short and I kicked myself mentally for ordering without double checking the measurements; but after wearing it for a couple of hours - I changed my mind. My lover emphasized that I really need the challenge of new types of clothes, so I went with it. Yes, I know - it's not that big a difference from most of the stuff I wear: but I like it extra long, midi or short - not all the weird stuff in between. Or so I thought! I'll bite my tongue now, and say that I most definitely should step outside my comfort-zone even more often and try it all! Not just the things I know, ehm, think I know will work. Besides, something really positive came out of it all: I now have some super-multi-functional clothes to bring to NYFW. Thanks Romwe!

I'm wearing skirt and top via, cardigan from H&M, bandeau from Cubus and Graceland sandals.


In case you missed it on my portfolio, I went a little crazy and made this one year edition of my moving pictures. 3.998 pictures, three songs and probably a couple of fashion faux pas. Hope you like it!

I need your New York tips!

I desperately need your New York and Fashion Week tips! What to see, where to go? What's the weather like there in September; should I only pack like super-knits or is a summer-dress more suitable? What should I never, ever do? Or never, ever eat? Who wants to meet up? Who wants to show me around? Should we have a slumblogparty? Where's the very best thrift shop? Where will I find the best black coffee? How do I get my hands on a local phone-number/sim-card, so that I don't return home to a $1.000 phone-bill? What if I get lost? Who am I gonna call? Ghostbusters?

The final eight

I want give a big shout-out to my fellow finalists in the Nokia and ELLE Style Correspondent contest! Congratulations! We made it!

Bonnie Doran of Bonnie Friday from Australia, Ricardo Hernandez of The Style Inquisitor from the United States, Isabelle Valentos of Urban Dai from the Philippines, Jessica Mercedes Kirschner of JEMERCED from Poland / Germany, Cindy of Cindiddy from Hong Kong, Julie Gartha Hammer of Julie Gartha from Norway and Laurren of The Science Fair from the United States.

As you can see, we come from all over the world - but did you notice my fellow Norwegian Julie? Julie is the girl in the turquoise flower dress. How awesome is that: two stylish Norwgian gals doing their thing? I can't wait to meet them, and of course YOU if you are in NY! I don't know anything about my schedule, but I imagine it will be very hectic, so if anyone wants to hang we'll just have to have a hangout at my hotel-room at midnight or go get coffee at 6 a.m. I'm ready! Are we there yet?

Photo via Nokia and ELLE

Kind of retro, ish.

Today, I wanted to do something a bit different with my outfit pictures. High-contrast mixed in with some black and white photography. I have been preferring the soft-light-look for a while now, but I want to change it up a little - and since I didn't remove my make-up straight after the shoot yesterday, I was able to pull it of. I love how Vidar does my eyebrows for Vatle's current look. It's very clean, no mascara - just great foundation, rouge and those brows. Also, I'm kind of retro at the moment - trying to mix weird stuff with a vintage-looking ensemble. I don't know what made me wear this, though. Impulses? I like my impulses.

That said; I still can't believe I'm going to go to New York Fashion Week. How crazy is that? Not only have I dreamed of going to NY since I was a little girl - but it is all combined with this amazing opportunity to collaborate with Nokia and ELLE! I really can't believe it. And I probably wont believe it until I'm back in Norway in September.

Wearing Monki over-sized cardigan, unknown shirt, Cubus tights and my new shoes from DinSko.

Approaching style

I wanted to share this collage with you guys. I made it to show my different approaches to style as a part of my portfolio: whether it is fall, winter, spring or summer - retro, eccentric, romantic or casual. It took some time making it, but I'm glad I did - it shows that my style has got some consistency after all! Hope you like it!




My first reaction on the phone was: are you kidding me? They assured me they was not. My second reaction was a very loud nervous laugh followed by a panicky state of mind because I was laughing so hard I couldn't hear what they were saying. My third reaction came after I hung up. I cried. Tears of joy. I'm so happy! Thank you so much for voting for me; for bearing with me these past few months and for being you! You guys rock, seriously rock! If it wasn't for your personal votes - who knows?


A little unfinished; and a little bare..

I like trying new things - you know that, right? So, today, I have short hair! Don't worry, I didn't cut it - it's just temporary. My hair has become such a big part of me and my personality - I just can't cut it. Instead, I play around with different lengths by hiding the rest of it in hats like this. It's such a big transformation, even though I wear my hair up all the time - and I quite like it.

It's like Joan Juliet Black said: "You may look a little androgynous, a little unfinished, a little bare… But your face is no longer a flat screen surrounded by a curtain: the world sees you in three dimensions."

What do you think?
I'm wearing JSFN dress and shoes, H&M cardigan and hat, vintage belt and Cubus stockings.