Good things come to those who wait

I seriously never thought I'd become a Style Icon on - but guess what happened? It's such an honor, I can't really believe it. I joined Chictopia back in 2009, on February 2nd to be exact. I didn't have the courage to upload a photo until almost six months later - that's almost two years ago! Man have I come a long way since then! Or, at least I think I have! My very best experience with Chictopia was of course when I won a trip to San Francisco and got to hang with the awesome creators of this community in February (read here: Stylesipped with Chictopia in San Francisco). It was a once in a lifetime experience which I will treasure forever!

Above is the first outfit I uploaded to my account. I remember this day, because I felt like I was in a coma all day - which isn't that weird considering my morning started at three p.m. I'm wearing Cubus jacket, Only shorts, H&M shirts and Akira shoes.

Thank you so much for the support; both to you and the Chictopia team! You guys rock!
I'm sorry for leaving you hanging for the last couple of days, I needed a mini vacation - but I guess that it's a good thing, considering what waited for me when I returned today!

Giveaway | Style Yourself, the book!

I'm so honored to be a part of this awesome book, I thought I could share a copy with one of you guys! The book is really amazing, and that's not just something I'm saying! I can't believe how much work has been put in to it! It is such a wonderful project where bloggers from all corners of the world has come together to create the ultimate handbook; sharing their personal take on style. Not only is it full of amazing pictures from some of the worlds most talented bloggers, but the illustrations and information that comes with it is valuable to everyone: even the most experienced styledevils. I'm not kidding. I learned so much by looking through the book, I almost felt stupid!

Do you want to organize your wardrobe better? Check the book. Do you wonder what those pants
actually are called? Check the book. What is a peplum dress? Check the book!For once, I'd like a little thing in return. I usually host unconditional giveaways, which I think is the best - but this time I have one rule; you have to be a follower of my blog. You can follow me via Bloglovin or Google Connect, whichever you prefer! You can also become a fan on Facebook!

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The giveaway ends next Friday, which is the 1st of July and is of course open for all of my readers: international and national. The winner will be chosen at random using Just leave your comment on this entry and don't forget to include your e-mail/blog so that I have a way to get in touch with you if you win! If you want more information on the book, you can read all about it here.

Round Two | Nokia and ELLE: Barbro Andersen for the next Style Correspondent

Wow, we made it! Thank you so much for voting for me in the first round of Nokia and ELLE's search for the next style correspondent! I'm through to the next round, and little did I know that the number of likes from the previous round still count! Some girls and boys are now waaaay ahead of me with likes up to a thousand! How can we beat that? I'm not giving up, that's for sure! The next assignment is as following:
"In 250 words or less tell us why you should be The Next Style Correspondent!"

Oh my, where do I begin? I’ve never been really good at convincing people to do anything they don’t want to and I’m not about to start now. Life is about trying new things and having fun. It’s about taking chances - and that’s what I’m doing right now. Sometimes I feel the world of high-fashion has forgotten about the art of having fun; and I think we need to put the fun back in fashion! It’s not about owning the most expensive things or being the prettiest of the bunch - but about creativity! Being experimental, fearless and bold – being you! Being me. It’s a constant adventure; always changing, evolving and ever-growing – and we are a part of that. I am a part of it! As a Style Correspondent for Nokia and ELLE; going to New York Fashion Week will help me evolve into the next era of style – and share this week-long celebration of fashion from a new perspective. My perspective. Life is a journey, and as we are traveling through it - we connect with people! You all know Nokia is about connecting people – and coincidentally; so is blogging! We just need to remember to keep our heels on the ground and have fun with it all. What I can bring to the table is not a bunch of hocus pocus: just my perspective, and that’s what makes me unique. I’m passionate, hard-working and most importantly: I put my heart into it! Do I have your support?
That's exactly two hundred and fifty words - to the dot. Do you think I deserve to go to New York Fashion Week as a Style Correspondent? Just "like" my picture here! We can make it - I know we can! It would mean the world to me!
Check out my first post in the competition here!

Style yourself | Inspired advise from the world's top fashion bloggers

So, I'm kind of featured in this awesome book ! I've been so, so eager to share this news with you guys - I almost couldn't keep it to myself! Now it's finally finished and can be purchased at here! I'm deeply honored to be featured among amazing bloggers like Rebecca Stice from The Clothes Horse, Elizabeth Johnson of Delightfully Tacky, Roz Jana of Clothes, Cameras, and Coffee, Jennine Jacob of The Coveted, Susie Lau of Style Bubble, Karla Deras of Karla’s Closet, Shini Park of Park and Cube, Liz Cherkasova of Late Afternoon, Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad, Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie and Chantal Van Der Meijden of Cororosa. There are too many to mention, but I can't emphasize enough how wonderful it is to be a part of this. Not only is it a great book, but it is filled with people I personally admire and think are amazing bloggers. To think that someone considers me one of the top bloggers in the world is such a compliment, I can't even put it into words. The outfit publication company Weldon Owen chose to feature is the vintage leather dress I wore last fall. The original blog entry is here: The Leather Dress.
A little about the book
This innovative guide to personal style includes 95 of the world’s premier fashion bloggers—whose sites receive over 500,000 daily visits combined—give hundreds of coveted insider tips, which are sure to delight teens, industry experts and urban professionals alike. These new taste-makers boldly lead the way toward fresh personal style, sharing rich images of their wardrobe inspiration and glimpses into their personal fashion philosophies. Style Yourself is the perfect personal-style handbook for the style-wizards of the digital age. This book presents the best of fashion bloggers, with tons of outfit ideas and expert tips that show you how to apply high-fashion inspiration to your everyday wardrobe. Style Yourself is a book to be savored, showcasing ideas that range from highbrow couture to everyday chic. With eight comprehensive chapters, Style Yourself has you covered—from your head to your toes! Hundreds of illustrated and annotated garments provide readers with classic fit and styling advice, and for each type of garment, you’ll find examples of how to rock it from the blogosphere’s hyper-chic members . . . from Stockholm to Cape Town, and Osaka to Milan.The book covers all topics: garment basics, take your pick, garment remix, build your look, skirt the globe, wardrobe basics, tops, bottoms, dresses, colors and fabrics, shoes, accessories and underpinnings. A perfect guide through the maze of fashion, so that you can build a personal style that’s your own!

Weldon Owen media created this trailer to supplement the book.

Book-information via

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.

Sleepwalking. Not even six cups of coffee could help me today. It was worth it, though. Wearing a simple sheer dress-tunic, quite effortless. The weather is are arguing with itself today, so it's sunshine, rain - rain, sunshine. I think I'll just stay inside today. Yes. Good idea. Snuggle up with Ida.
Wearing Cubus sheer tunic-dress, vintage necklace ass a belt and Jessica Simpson shoes. Quote by Walt Whitman.

I'm on fire

A sneak peak at what I did yesterday, and the reason I slept for 16 hours straight. Here I'm wearing the show-piece from Norwegian designer Vatle, of course. It was so much fun trying on so many of her designs, it really gave me a whole new perspective on the collection - and Kjersti Vatle as a designer. She really is amazing.
First photo by Arne Bru Haug - the others are taken with my Nokia N8! MUA: Vidar Svendsen. Hair: Ulla Rafaelsen, Cosmo Beauty.

I'm on Facehunter!

I'm on Facehunter! Check out Yvan's beautiful pictures here! These past couple of days have been kind of awesome. Not only did I get to meet the famous Yvan Rodic and have coffee with him, but I socialized - two days in a row. That's a new record! No, not really - but you get my point! Yvan was kind enough to invite me to tag along with him and Ingrid of The Showmanship yesterday, and though I'm awfully shy, quiet, awkward, whatnot - I really enjoyed just hanging out, listening to his stories and drinking coffee.

Oh, and the funniest thing: NRK did an interview with Yvan while he was shooting me; so now there are pictures of him taking pictures of me on the interwebs. Check out the article here, if you want. It's in Norwegian (Nynorsk). Picture by Maren Kvamme Hagen (

If you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say the cat died nobly.

There's a hidden message in this video from Nokia and Elles search for the next style correspondent. Do you think you can find it? It could be really beneficial for you.. Here's a little clue:
Don't forget to vote for me, OK? One vote - one time; and it only takes two seconds! It really could change my life. Please help me get to the next round by clicking here! This first round of the contest ends on the 21st! That's this Tuesday!

Monkey see, monkey do.

Oh, it's been a while since I last posted an outfit, hasn't it? It's about time then! Today I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Yvan Rodic aka the Facehunter - which is staying in Oslo for a couple of days. I was, as always, totally awkward and constantly stumbling over my words - but luckily Yvan was very sweet and even took time to have a cup of coffee with me. I do wonder, though; how come it's so hard for me to talk to strangers, while I have no problems walking half-way across town in these heels?

This cardigan from iiS of Norway was a very good friend though, as it was a bit chilly outside today. I decorated it with a pin I found at a flea-marked last year and some earrings, actually. Who knew? I love personalizing my clothes; it makes them feel even more me.

I'm wearing iiS of Norway cardigan, Gina Tricot shorts, Cubus belt, BikBok body, Fashionology necklace, H&M hat and Asos heels. I had a suitcase-bag too, but I kind of forgot to take pictures of it.

Let's take this thing for a spin, shall we?

I just received the Nokia N8 in the mail today, and it sounds a bit silly - but I don't think I ever had such a pretty phone before! It will be hard giving it back in two weeks! Oh, well, for now I'll be getting to know it a little bit better, and already shared my first snap-shot on twitter earlier today. If you haven't voted for me yet, vote here! Seriously, it's just one time and it doesn't even show up on your Facebook page - so it's our little secret!

/edit: apparently, it does show on you profile after all. I'm sorry!
Luckily, you can hide it straight after linking, yeah? Thank for letting me know, ingis !

IFB | Links à la Mode: June 9th

It's my first time being a part of Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode, and I'm so honored to be featured among such brilliant bloggers. I'm not completely sure of how all of this works, but I decided to share it with you nonetheless.

The Love Letter // Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour

It's been a cerebral and cathartic week in the fashion blogosphere—the wheels were turning in your stylish little heads about all manner of contemplations. Why do we hate ourselves? Why do we tell ourselves that we're not worthy? Why do we categorize and judge other bloggers by their style? Or their handbags? Several of you had a come-to-Jesus moment and realized that's just a whole lot of malarkey. And I'm so glad you did.

And you know what else bloggers realized? That blogging has enabled you to embrace you. The real you. With your flaws and imperfections, no matter your skin color, weight, or age. In her post, A Love Letter to Personal Bloggers, Anika eloquently captured what many of us feel when we begin to understand the deeper significance of blogging:

You inspire me. Your outfits, your book reviews, your thoughts, your replies to my comments. You make me feel good about me. When I visit your site you make me feel that I matter, that we are equal, never mind if I am a blogger or not. When I am reading your blog it does not matter how thin/fat/popular/lonely I am, when I am reading your blog I am hanging out with you, knowing that you are hanging out with me too.

...Darling personal bloggers, you are impacting our culture, our trends, our lives, me. Thank you for that.

And this is my love letter to all of you. It takes tenacity, guts, patience, creativity, and time to blog. Love you, be you. Care, share, go forth, and go blog!

Links à la Mode: June 9th

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Back to black

Have you ever bleached your eye-brows? I did, for this shoot - and it looked so freakin' awesome, I almost couldn't believe it! I was too much of a pussy to keep it that way, so they're back to black now - but I just loved the statement.

Picture by Vidar Svendsen // Vatle dress // Ulla Rafaelsen (Cosmo Beauty) hair

The speedway ends at the cemetery.

The past couple of weeks have been kind of crazy. Good crazy! Crazy good? I've been in front of the camera in a non-outfit kind of way more than ever - but I must be doing something right since people want work with me! Speaking of which, this is my latest shoot with Desirée Skalle: The speedway ends at the cemetery. We took a road-trip all the way over to Sweden for this specific location, and man was it hauntingly beautiful over there. Let me know what you think, yeah?
Photographer: Desirée Skalle. Models: Stina Stokkebryn and I. Location: Västre Fågelvik bilkirkegård.