Maximum impact, minimum effort

Oh, Pixie! For me, Pixie has become synonymous with easy comfort. I feel like I'm repeating myself, but so be it. I could just sit outside all day, in this dress - drinking tea while the sun tickles my toes. I love spring.

I'm wearing a Pixie geo pattern cotton maxi dress and Asos heels. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whatever happens, happens

In Hinduism, the Peacock is associated with Lakshmi, which represents patience, kindness, compassion and good luck. It is also associated with Kwan-yin, (or Quan Yin), in Asian spirituality; which is a symbol of love, compassionate watchfulness, good-will, nurturing and kindheartedness.

Wearing iiS of Norway romper with an awesome sequin peacock and Jessica Simpson shoes.

Fashion superpowers!

These super-flared pants are so hot right now; I just have to wear them! I've had them since I was 15 years old or something, which just shows that there are some plus sides to never throwing anything away! The best thing about them is however the way they move when I walk; looks like I'm floating on a big black cloud of fabric - so cool. I twirled my hair into the necklace because it's weird, but looks really strict at the same time - and I think it suits my whole outfit. Make sure you notice Emma in the first picture up in the tree. She's always sneaking into the spotlight.

Wearing super flare pants from Vero Moda, sheer body from Bik Bok, vintage ultra-long pink sheer cardigan via Fretex, gifted necklace and those JC Litas. I just had to use this title, because of the pink cape-looking-thingy. I wore this to the one year anniversary of Dagens Outfit this yesterday. I didn't have time to post it before I ran out the door, so I had to schedule it for today. I don't particularly like scheduling posts, because it doesn't feel right or fresh enough - but sometimes I have to do it. While I'm on the subject; I'm taking a little vacation up north for a couple of weeks, so I'll see if I have time to update, or if I'll schedule some inspirational posts I've been saving for spring anyways.

It takes a road to go nowhere

Relax mode: on. No make-up, just lounging at home today. I've been wearing this little dress constantly the past couple of days; it's so easy to just throw on and feel comfortable in. No fuzz. Just pretty. I like it a lot.

Wearing iiS of Norway knitted dress, Monki cardigan, Cubus belt and DinSko shoes. Quote my Jason Mraz.

VATLE | Ashes AW2011

What can I say? I'm impartial, for sure, and not going to hide it. I LOVE Ashes! The collection is inspired by the 80's grunge rock, mixed with a little bit of structured minimalism. Keywords include leather, studs, suede geo patches, faux-fur, knits, sheer fabrics and chains. New of the season is Vatle's menswear collection, which literary made people gasp - it's awesome! The models and I are wearing gold chains and VHS cassettes and tape braided into the hair, which was all done by the Cosmo Beauty team! These are some of my personal favorites, including the items I wore;
Photography via Oslo Nights by Agneta Burnett. Video by Ole Gunnar H. Nordli. More pictures here and here.

Secrets aren't secrets anymore when everyone knows them

Here's what I did yesterday! I didn't tell anyone, because I was unbelievably nervous - just like last time. 600 people was invited to the Jakob Church of Culture for the show of Cosmo Beauty and VATLE's collection Ashes A/W 2011! The crazy chains in my hair was created by Ulla "awesome" Rafaelsen and my flawless make-up is by Vidar Svendsen. I had a great time, despite my nervousness : so thank you so much Kjersti and Ulla for letting me be a part of your big day! You guys rock!
Pictures by my lover!

Back to nature

Here's the result from my last photo-shoot with Desirée Skalle! I really connected with that goat for sure! Oh, and the white pony I'm kind of resting on. I think she's really evolving and growing as a photographer; Desirée that is - not the goat. Or the pony! I love the lighting in all of these photos. What do you think?

Photographer: Desirée Skalle. Models: Ingvild Trondvold Fossdal, (Pholk), and me. MUA:Aina Nerdalen. Assistants: Ida Sletten, Ellen Wilberg oand Stina Stokkebryn.

Lytt til hvite sommerfuglers vingeslag

You're probably completely sick of seeing me wear this sweater now, but I thought I'd give it at least one more post this month simply because I love it. It's kind of a remix in the making as well, which I'll sum up at a later point. The snow is melting, and I dream of walking in the grass without getting soaking wet up to my knees. It's a nice dream, because I know it will come true eventually.

Wearing Pixie Geo cropped sweater, Monki printed skirt, Kmart tights, my lovers bracelet and GoJane booties. Quote from the Norwegian song "Vår beste dag" by Marit Larsen (Listen to the wing stroke of white butterflies).

If not now, then when?

Layering stripes today, thought I'd try something new. Two one-size/over-sized shirts from Monki, a complete mash-up. I like it. Do you?

I'm wearing two striped shirts from Monki, Kmart tights and those wedges.