Crop it

Picture overload today, but it has been so long since I posted an outfit, I decided to go ahead anyways. Time just haven't been on my side lately, but I hope it will change now. Or soon. Fall is here, and I'm snuggled up in chunky knits and booties - my favorite wearings. Textures rock!
On another note: I have some nice surprises for you guys coming up! You can check my Facebook-page for hints about what it is, and maybe guess too! I promise it's all good; actually kind of awesome - and I'm honestly super jealous!

I'm wearing cropped knit sweater from BikBok, vintage belt, shorts via Gina Tricot, chunky knit cardigan from Cubus (my lovers) and shoes from DNA. Rings from Topshop, actually.

Street Stories

I'd like to ask you wonderful wonders if you'd please take a moment to vote for me in the Street Stories competition by Lindex. No registration necessary, just two simple clicks. One on the picture, and one on the heart below. I'd appreciate it more than you know! Thank you sweets!
By the way; I have some surprises for you coming up on the blog the next couple of weeks! AND a giveaway! Thanks to you guys, I've reached 500 connections via Google connect!

London Blog Slam

I attended the Blog Slam and London launch party of Circus #1 Fashion at the Rag Factory in Heneage street. There were lots of familiar faces; including Shini from Park and Cube and Muireann from Bangs and Bun. I got to meet the sweet Anke, and chatted with some of my fellow bloggers. Everyone was in such a good mood, laughing and smiling - and there was free beer! These two things are obviously connected to each other. Some bloggers read their favorite blogposts out loud as a part of a competition, which was both interesting and funny. I didn't stay for long, as my hotel was located on the other side of town - but I'm really glad I stopped by. Can't wait for the next one!Funfact: I was introduced to designer Paul Bench, when I accidentally stepped into the wrong side of The Rag Factory. He was so sweet, and looked pleased with the launch of his SS 2011 collection.

I'm wearing shoes via Asos, BikBok maxi-skirt and camel knits. Robot-necklace via Ebay and vintage belt. All images via and Shini/ParkandCube

Not my cup of tea

So, I'd love to say the trip to London was a huge success, and write about all the cool things that happened and all of the awesome fashion events I attended. I can't. I was lost 95% of the time, and the other 5% I was asleep. I was exhausted and in a bad mood, and just wanted to sit at Starbucks drinking coffee. I couldn't even find a decent Internet-connection. My camera was just dead-weight in my bag, along with my computer, and I didn't care to use any of them as much as I normally would. The hotel I stayed at was truly a blast from the past, circa 1970: and in really bad shape. I was somewhat prepared, but still really unprepared - and though the British people are really welcoming: London was not my cup of tea. This time. I am however willing to give it another chance sometime in the future. Perhaps.

Fashion Block Party

Check out this awesome video by OsloNights! If you look really close, you can see me on that catwalk too! Took a little unexpected blogcation the last week, but I'm back now. Post about London coming up asap.

London calling

Yeah, I know, it's such a cliché. I'm going to London tomorrow (21st) for a quick visit. I was very lucky to be invited to the Fannie Schiavoni exhibition, and I'm so excited about it! I can't wait to see her amazing creations up close. Give me a shoutout if you want to grab a coffee or something! I'm traveling alone and staying a couple of days, and it would be really great to meet up with some fellow bloggers!

Wearing very casual and basic ensemble. Black cardigan from Monki, my lovers sweater, vintage belt, Cubus tights, H&M hat and shoes via DNA.

I lost my virginity on the catwalk

So, yeah, I guess the secret is out now! I was chosen by the wonderful designer Kjersti of Vatle Designs to show of one of her creations on the catwalk at the awesome Fashion Block Party this Thursday! The whole day was crazy, but totally exciting and fun; I'm having so much trouble describing it! I got to meet a lot of wonderful people, including make-up artists, hair stylists, models, musicians and bloggers. It was my very first time on the catwalk, and I was so freakin' nervous I almost puked a couple of hundred times - and that's why I wanted to keep it a secret!
I got to wear one of my favorite pieces in the whole collection. The colors are just magnificent - and to top it all off I got to wear Finsk shoes! So awesome, yeah? A big thank you to Kjersti again; you rock my socks! And the people over at Cosmo Beauty for making me look so pretty!

First picture via The rest by my lover. Make-up and hair by Cosmo Beauty. Pictures from the whole collection coming up!

I'm no angel. I can't fly. It's basic math

I have a little secret, but if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore. Meanwhile, here's a little peak at one of my favorite White Baron items. This top is so romantic, you can almost feel the love. I like it especially because it can be worn both ways; and this edition is backwards! I felt a little less creative than usual, therefore the lack of images. But I did manage to pull off some kind of layering with two of the shots I found useful: which gave this particular look somewhat of an artistic, schizophrenic feel to it. J'adore!
Feather top from The White Baron, Only black dress, Cubus tights and shoes via

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

How awesome is this jacket? So pretty, so blue - it almost demands attention. The best part is that it's designed by The White Baron! The details are absolutely stunning, I especially like the buttons. They look like little, vintage coins. The furry details on the shoulders really capture the essence of how the Norwegian people have been perceived throughout history, but here it is translated into an awesome statement piece: and it's not just another winter jacket. I'm wearing The White Baron jacket, Only little black dress, H&M hat, Cubus stockings and shoes via Quote: Clark Gable, Gone With the Wind (1939)

Circus fashion

This summer I was invited on board a new and exciting project! It is the ultimate clash between online and print - fashion and style; CIRCUS – the very first international blogger bookazine!As avid readers of blogs, the Circus crew realized the under-rated potential, expertise and creativity of style and fashion bloggers. Talent should never be left unnoticed. It’s just not natural, especially when the blogosphere was bursting with talent. From there, the concept continued to develop. Circus Fashion offers a unique perspective on the fashion industry. They don’t discuss who has the best style out of Beyonce and Rihanna, won’t even tell you which shoes to wear this season. Instead they take a step back and consider fashion from a new direction: from the consumers to the producers. Through a mix of bloggers, illustrators and photographers, Circus will open up the world of fashion in a way that no other publication has before. Orchestrated by the editorial team of Herznote Publishing.
I was asked to do a beauty shot, with playful make-up - as if a child had done it. As children, we all were so excited to discover the many multicolored pots and tubes belonging to our mothers or our big sisters. Sometimes we would try to put it on all at once. If only it hadn't caused so much annoyance afterwards! Actually, I still don't know how to put on make-up correctly. But, what is correct anyways?
If you want to support bloggers EVERYWHERE, you can buy the bookazine right here! (only $17 )As far as I know, they ship world-wide - and you're in for a treat! I was laughing so hard at some of the articles and pictures, I absolutely love it!

- Oh, I completely forgot! The make-up is by NARS, which was sponsored by Hertznote publications and of course NARS themselves. I've been using the blush regularly since I received it in the beginning og August, just because it's really good. I always have trouble finding a good, lasting blush - and this one seems to work really well!

Behind the scenes

So, yeah, I never thought I'd be jogging in sequined pants. Or posting it on my blog. Even admitting it, for that matter. Here are some behind the scenes shots from a cold day in the woods. I always seem serious in my pictures, maybe this will change that.
Wearing Vila sheer blouse, Stradivarius sequined pants, Ellos knits and DNA shoes. Pictures by Ellen Gudem Wilberg.

Little silky riding hood

This hooded scarf is called a Bashlyk. A Bashlyk is a traditional Iranian, Turkic and Cossack cone-shaped headdress hood; usually made out of leather, felt or wool. It is originally an ancient round topped felt bonnet with lappets for wrapping around the neck. This one is however made out of water-resistant silk, and is designed by The White Baron. I tried to glam it down a bit, and put my creative mind to work with the purpose of making it casually chic. I already know it would give a glamorous evening look an extra umph, but incorporating it into a daily outfit was rather tricky. I don't have a lot of silky items in my closet, so this became quite a challenge. I ended up mixing it with knits and lace details, as well as these new wedged booties. I kind of felt like a modern "little red riding hood"; 2010 silky edition.
I'm wearing The White Baron Balshlyk, thrifted lace top, H&M knitted cardigan, Cubus tights, Stradivarius skirt and DNA wedged booties.