It is more comfortable for me, in the long run, to be rude than polite.

Today I'm wearing different shades of gray, mixed with some black and a little bit of blue. I really like wearing gray! It's often mistaken as a boring color, but I think it's the complete opposite. I adore playing with different shades and textures within one color-range, and gray is perfect for that. All of my items today are jersey-like in one way or another, and stretchy-comfort is awesome on a lazy Friday like this. Next Friday I'm travelling to Copenhagen for a romantic long-weekend, but I'm not sure I'm bringing the blog. What do you think?
I'm wearing snood scarf from Bik Bok, long asymmetrical cardigan from Sorbet, blue cardigan from Bik Bok, tunic-shirt form JSFN, half leather/jersey tights from Bik Bok and boots via Quote by Wyndham Lewis

When it rains, you get wet

It's raining like crazy outside, but that's ok, because it fills the whole garden with this wonderful scent. I find the smell of wet grass quite intriguing. It's a nice excuse to wear this awesome boots of mine, too!
I'm wearing a green silk blouse from Bik Bok, high-waisted pants from Bik Bok, vintage bustier, vintage belt and boots via Up on too :)

In print

I've been interviewed by the Swedish fashion magazine, Sofis Mode! I'm so excited, it's my very first magazine feature! Thank you so much, Annika - it's been great working with you! ♥

Whatever souls are made of, hers and mine are the same

On July 23rd 2010, the love of my life said Yes, I do and I will. We had a beautiful and intimate ceremony, followed by dinner downtown and a wonderful gathering in our garden afterwards. My tummy was filled with butterflies all day, and it still is. The smile on my face is real, and it feels great! Here's to a new chapter in our lives; to love and equality!

Photographs by my wonderful sister, Ninja. The quote is slightly edited, but originally by Emily Bronte.

8000 miles

When we were driving down the 1300 kilometers from our home in northern Norway, which is about 8000 miles, we came across the most beautiful places. We drove mostly during the night and early morning to avoid traffic, and I must say - it was one of our best ideas yet. The beauty was undeniable, and luckily we stopped on several of these places to take some pictures.
This first one is my very favorite! The fog was resting on the water, waiting for the morning sun to break through it. It looked so magical, and even twice as magical with its mirrored reflection on the surface.I walked across a field of misty flowers to get these shots. It was still cold, and my legs seemed to be made out of sponges, as the water was clinging to them.
This was taken on top of the Dovre mountain, which was suitably wrapped in clouds in the late hours of the night. We had to be really quiet, so that we didn't wake it up.

Pleasures of the Flesh

Hypeed Magazine included me in their latest issue; Pleasures of the Flesh. You should check it out if you want inspiration and ideas on how to wear pale colors this summer!I have arrived in Oslo and our apartment in slowly starting to look like a home. I'll be back to my regular posting soon, but first I have to organize everything around me so that I won't go crazy!