Looking back

I was going through some of my previous outfits and I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you. I'm kind of reminiscing on my last days here in my home town.
I'm as you may or may not know, in the middle of moving to Oslo and totally stressed out because of it. My whole apartment is in boxes, and my poor clothes are trapped in bags. Some of my shoes have even moved out because there was no room for them. Imagine that! Yes, it is scary.

Also; if you would give me a heart on each of my outfits right here, I have a chance to appear in Costume magazine next month! That would be kind of awesome.

And remember, no matter where you go, there you are..

I played around with this tomboy, girlie look - as I was inspired by some vintage photography I can't remember. Annoying as it is, inspiration comes mostly from memories and thoughts I have; and I can't always remember the source. I really enjoyed playing around with these black and white photographies though, as it gives a new perspective of an outfit I already love wearing.

I'm wearing Gina Tricot shorts, thrifted H&M blouse and cardigan, Cubus socks and GORGEOUS shoes from Forever21. Quote by Earl Mac Rauch, from "Buckaroo Bansai"

I can't believe it!

Wow, I can't believe I won the style contest over at MSN Style Gallery! The price is a gift certificate worth 5000 NOK ($770) which I get to spend at Bik Bok! The best thing is however that this contest was in association with Costume, one of Norways most successful fashion magazines, and they picked the winners! Can you believe it; they picked me?!
I won with this outfit, which probably is the lightest ensemble I've ever worn. I'm wearing a dress from Vila on backwards, sheer blouse from Vila, hat via Nelly.com, gifted pearls, socks from Cubus and shoes from DinSko.

Congratulations to the wonderful blogger Denoto as well, who also won!