Suiting up

I actually never thought I would buy something from the Sonia Rykiel collection at H&M, but when I found this jumpsuit and tried it on; I fell in love. It is so comfortable and goes great with both flats and heels.
I think the whole collection from Sonia Rykiel looks very comfortable, but it consists of these crazy colors that in my opinion does not appeal to most people. I saw a girl that apparently bought the whole collection and wore it all at once; and it just looked weird. I'm all for personal and unique style, but I do have some boundaries and guidelines. Less is actually more, especially in this case.
I kind of moved in to this suit, I can't seem to get myself out of it. It gives of this casual-chic vibe, and just makes me feel snuggly good.
At first I felt it made me look really short, but I got over it.
This blouse however was a must-have the moment I saw it. Romantic and versatile; perfect for me.
It feels good to be back home, and being able to take some decent outfit pictures. I missed that in Oslo. It was a very hectic week with a lot of stuff happening, but I'm slowly returning back to my regular self.
And I just had to throw in this tacky pose for my own pleasure.

I'm wearing Sonia Rykiel pour H&M knitted jumpsuit, Divided lace-detailed blouse, KappAhl blazer, Go Jane booties and assorted accessories.


Desirée took some pictures of me during my stay in Oslo last week. As she so nicely put it herself; you can't stay with a student of photography without being photographed. The girl is gifted, and surely picked the prefect school for herself!

You can check out the rest of the shoot right here !


A little break from all of the pictures from the different collections and runway shows, my blog is clearly overwhelmed by Oslo Fashion Week now. All through the week, we didn't make time to take any outfit-pictures. Luckily, the people behind Oslo Nights took some pictures of both Desirée and myself. This is a perfect example of why I prefer to take my own pictures, as I look like a retard in most of them! In case you didn't know, I'm very shy; and when I get nervous my face freezes up in this constrained smirky-fake-smile kind of way.
This is Desirée and myself just before the wonderful Fam Irvolls show, taken by Oslo Nights.
And this picture is taken by Espen Brenli. I'm wearing shorts and blazer from Gina Tricot, a nude/pink body and bow from KappAhl, a whole lot of rings, chains, pearls and heels.
The wonderful girl behind the New Yorker took this picture of me and Desirée. I'm wearing a jumpsuit underneath that striped shirt and a light gray blazer. Chains and heels, of course.
Desirée and me on front row, very busy photographing. Picture by Oslo Nights.
Me after Vatle. Picture by Oslo Nights.

This is taken at Oslo Fashion Fair by Desirée. Layers are my friend, my very best friend. I sooo look like a blogger and it almost looks like I'm using the camera as a necklace.

Relaxed layering

I was feeling relaxed, and in desperate need of layers today. Warm, cozy and comfortable - the keywords that never go out of style, and that are suitable every winter. Every season, actually.
And my favorite scarf is a natural choice.
I wore my diy-shorts, despite the fact that they are a bit too big for me. Maybe they are suitable for a giveaway? Anyways, I chunked it up and belted it high, just because I wanted to.
My poncho is unfortunately underworn, if I could use that word. I bought it on sale this fall, and stupidly kind of forgot about it. Things tend to disappear in our small apartment. I don't know why. Oh, wait - that was a lie. I do know. I'm messy. There's really no excuse for that.Luckily, the mess creates a daily routine of searching; which can be translated into a kind of treasure-hunting. I like treasures, and hunting for them. A perfect match. That's actually how I re-located these lace-up boots!
In the middle of my little photo shoot, my mothers chihuahuas came running down the shuffled track. If you haven't met them yet; this is Georg to the left and Pippi Lotte to the right. Yes, they are "tea-cups", or as the preferred term states; miniature chihuahuas.
I love them. Very much! Too much, some might say. I want to steal them, but I'm pretty sure dog-napping is illegal.

Georg is wearing a suit designed by my mother and I'm wearing Ellos turtleneck, b.young sweater, Cubus poncho, scarf and tights, diy-shorts, random belt and Roots boots.

A messy week

As you may know, I decided to challenge myself this week by incorporating a flannel shirt into a minimum of five outfits. I thought I'd post all of them today, so that I'd get a better view of what I've been doing.
There's no random order here. This is my favorite of the five. It was probably because of the white dress underneath, and the general relaxed feeling I had when wearing it. It's also the pictures I was the most satisfied with. The sun was out, it wasn't too cold and I used the cat as accessories. In a non-violent and very animal-friendly kind of way, that is.
My second favorite is this one. I love the combination of flannel and velvet, paired with a leathery jacket and booties. Though it was freezing this day, the velvet kept me quite warm.
The pictures I got most feedback on is the one that looked the coldest. Of course it was cold, it is after all winter - but my intention was not to be provocative, it was merely a choice of clothing that felt comfortable for a day inside. I prefer taking the pictures outside, because I live in the smallest apartment - and the lighting is much better. However, it is a split third place among the five.
The other half of my third favorite, is this one. I love dresses, and as the sun came out and gave me the most beautiful lighting, the colors were stronger than in any of the other pictures.
The worst. yes the worst, is this one. I was not happy with the result, at all. I love my hat, but I really don't like jeans. At least I tried it, that's all I have to say on that matter. Fifth place, if not sixth :p

Friday mess-up

Today I wore the shirt backwards, as a dress, with a belted waist and blazer. I wore a simple tee underneath because it felt a bit short. Despite the fact that I'm really sick of this shirt now, I'm glad I decided to challenge myself this week, because I've learned a lot.
I've learned that I need more basic clothing. I'm blessed with a lot of unique pieces, but without certain basics I find myself somewhat paralyzed. It's ironic, and kind of funny, that by incorporating one item in all of my outfits throughout this week, I've found out I need more clothing. OK, I don't need more clothing - but I'd really-really like it!
Of course, the kitty wanted to join me today too. I tried burying her in snow.. It didn't work very well.
Thank you for giving me advice on how I could wear this shirt yesterday, I appreciate it! I'm wearing that Ellos shirt, KappAhl blazer, Cubus scarf, X-it shoes, old necklace, random tights and diy belt from grandma'.

Thursday mess-up

Hello!, our kitty says. Her name is Emma, and she was somewhat unwillingly photographed. She just wanted to play around in the snow beside me, while occasionally walking into the frame showing of her butt. This mysteriously happened the instant I pressed the timer on my camera.
I will tell you, it's great to wear a dress again. I feel liberated! Sometimes I'm like a walking advertisement for tights and dresses. My slogan should most definitely be: "dresses and tights - a way of life!". There, I said it.
I'm feeling somewhat childish in this outfit, and it's kind of great. I just want to run around in the snow, playing with the kitty, but I'm afraid my schedule today just doesn't allow me to. When I think about it, a grownups schedule almost never allows one to run around playing in the snow. I'll have to put it on my todo-list.
I will honestly say that I'm getting pretty sick of this shirt now. Only one more to go, but I have no idea what to pair it with!
I'm wearing that Ellos shirt, Cubus organic cotton dress and stockings, random tights, old necklace, H&M hat, Coolshop glasses and the Benelli lace-ups.

Wednesday mess-up

Oh no, I wore ripped jeans! The voices in my head told me to?
Well, I think it's about time I share some information to why I usually do not wear jeans. First of all; I think they are tight and quite uncomfortable, as I prefer being able to breathe with my belly and eat more than one meal a day. Second; I don't like the colors they come in, except from the black ones, of course. Third: they make my butt look long! I prefer stockings, tights, leggings and such. Push-up, hold-in, squeeze-up. They are much more.. flexible, if I can say that?
That said, I still wanted to pair my shirt with these little, ripped blues today. Mostly because I wanted to see how it looked, and partially because of a somewhat lumberjack association I had last night. The Clothes Horse also inspired me a couple of weeks ago when she showed off her version of jeans.
On another note: I'm still not sure about these boots. I've worn them about.. three times? Brown frightens me, it seems. I don't know why! So, todays outfit, which is the third one in my little challenge, is truly a mess-up. And, I kind of love it!

April in Paris featured me on their blog today! And, with creative artwork, they made my outfits look much better. I also did an interview which had some interesting questions, like for example what's my favorite bad word!
I'm really excited, and if you would check it out: just click here :)

I'm wearing the Ellos shirt, Cubus ripped jeans, H&M gray tee underneath, H&M faux-fur hat and those brown lace-up boots from Benelli. The image is from the blog itself.

Tuesday mess-up

In honor of my 300th post, I've decided to challenge myself this week - by using yesterdays plaid/flannel shirt in at least five different outfits, including Mondays mess-up, of course. I wonder how this is going to work..? I need to remind myself that creativity is key. Wish me luck!
It wasn't as freezing today as it was yesterday, but of course I was a bit cold - it is after all winter. I'm not planning on spending any more time outside today, that's for sure. I can't help myself, I just love my stockings! And because I just declared my love for these wool-stockings, I must add that they keep me warm. Very warm.
Oversizing does however help keep the cold weather out, as does layering - of course.

I'm wearing my lovers plaid shirt from Ellos, Splendid faux-fur knit jacket, Cubus scarf and wool-stockings and JSFN shoes.

Monday mess-up

I guess this is kind of a Monday mess-up, as I had to try out a new combination: velvet and plaid. It's rather comfortable, I must say.
It's cold, colder, coldest - which is quite ironic considering the sun finally came back today! I felt it on my chin, as I stuck my head out the bedroom-window this morning, with a somewhat curious anticipation.
And I instantly knew I had to layer myself up. The thermometer was showing -12 ºC /10.4 ºF. That's simply just too cold for me!
I really didn't want to take any outfit pictures out in the snow today, but for some reason unknown; I did. I'll admit that this probably was the shortest shoot I've done since starting up. With good reasons, I might add!

I'm wearing my lovers plaid shirt from Ellos, Cubus velvet leggings and scarf, H&M faux-leather jacket, random belt/watch/rings and JSFN shoes.