"I've noticed very few people are scary once they've been poked in the eye"

I haven't worn a maxi-skirt in years, but I suddenly felt the urge to try it on this morning.
I went with this romantic vibe; as I sensed a little bit of love in the air.
There's just something romantic about the sun almost revealing its rays, barely peaking up over those overwhelming mountains, just after one o'clock.

I'm wearing what must be an antique maxi-skirt, Ellos sheer drape-detailed blouse backwards, vintage nude silk-bra, H&M faux-leather jacket, Cubus scarf, random belt and GoJane booties. Quote from Bones and Dr. Brennan Temprence

Just another face

The hat looks better up close, than it did from a distance. The reason could easily be explained by looking at the preexisting propositions of the womans body. It was not made for big hats. It is however comfortable. And warm.

My lover is a girl

I had a faux-furry hat, but I took it off; as I looked like something my cat threw up.
I didn't mean to look angry. My camera had a minor black-out. Apparently, so did I..
- because, I don't know what I was thinking in these pictures, other than "I hope those fourteen year old boys that passed me on the street didn't laugh too hard when they saw me running around the bushes".- but don't worry; we're both OK now.

The beautiful Rebecca from The Clothes Horse did an interview with me, which she published on her blogg yesterday! I'm really honored she picked me, as I've been a not-so-secret admirer for the past year; so thank you very much - you're the best!
Feel free to take a look at my kind of party!

Someone asked me if I really do wear heels in this kind of weather, and the answer is yes, I do. I wear heels when I feel like it; not depending on the weather. I see it as a challenge. And it's fun! Isn't that what it's all about?

I'm wearing a Stradivarius sequined pants-thingy, Diesel knitted sweater, my lovers vest, H&M faux-leather jacket, random accessories and GoJane boots.

All that jazz

The snow has returned to our frozen village. It's nice to see something other than gray trees, gray ground, gray skies - yet, it surprises me that I choose to wear exactly that color today. Gray.
Luckily, it's nothing less than comfortable. Cozy and snuggly warm, perhaps. I really do miss the sun, though, it feels like it's been gone forever. Hopefully we'll be able to see it soon, on the 28th maybe?
I'm wearing Stradivarius faux-fur jacket and draped lace mini-skirt, Cubus top, H&M hat, random tights and GoJane booties.

From my point of view

I wanted to share this amazing view, since it's the one I've been admiring the last couple of weeks. We were lucky enough to live on the fifth floor, with a great balcony, as the last room at the end of the hallway. Privacy is a privilege, and we sure used it for what it was worth. I don't know how many hours I spent out on that deck; with that red candle burning and that perfectly chilled beer - but I'm missing it already! I will write more about my trip to Spain and the holidays throughout this week - there's just to much to tell in one post :)
However, I will tell you what my lover gave me for Christmas! A brand new laptop! I had no idea, and was totally surprised, and kind of freaked out at the same time. Maybe I'll be able to sit through a normal session of blogging without pressing Ctrl + Alt + delete every fifthteen minutes or so!

The best of 2009

I'm back, and the year of 2010 started with some amazing news for me when I got this e-mail from the beautiful people over at weardrobe.com:

"We at weardrobe have been truly inspired by the unique and creative styles of fashion bloggers online. So, we decided to create the weardrobe 100 - the best of 2009 street style from the top fashion blogs online. What you see here is a compilation of our favorite 100 personal style shots from all over the web. We hope you have as much fun checking out their style as we did putting it together! Happy 2010!"

And guess what?
I'm in it!

"We just wanted to thank you again for being an inspiration to us at weardrobe. Hopefully by now, you have already seen your photo in the weardrobe 100 - the best of 2009 street style. (If not, check it out!) We hope you enjoy the book, and will be sending it around to fashion editors as well!"

How awesome is that?! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am, but I think it's pretty cool! Thank you so much, guys - I'm humbly honored!

You can check out the rest of the stylish people featured in this collection right here or by clicking on the icon underneath- I really recommend taking a look!