Happy new year

Greetings from Spain! I’m having a wonderful time here in San Agustin, it’s so good to finally relax and just enjoy some time with my lover. I have a lot to share with you, but as of now I’m having trouble with my memory stick and the hotels computer - hopefully I’ll be able to find a decent internet cafè some time soon. I’ve taken a lot of pictures, and I bet I’ll take a lot more tonight as well.
Happy new year, to all of you!
I truly hope this year will bring a lot of good things to all of us!

Image from google.com

Double dressing

I'm wearing two dresses today, just because I felt like it.
It really helps when it's 14 degrees Fahrenheit/ -11 Celsius outside.
We've decorated the tree beautifully, put some presents underneath it, opened our beers and are watching some wonderful classics on TV.

Merry Christmas to all of you!
(Or "god jul", as we say here in Norway)
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

I'm wearing Cubus lace dress, H&M dress, random tights and shoes from DinSko.

Santa Julia

I'm relaxing on the couch, drinking my favorite red wine and watching some TV. Looking at the most beautiful tulips I got from my lover yesterday on our four year anniversary. The candles are burning, those red curtains are hanging perfectly and Christmas is almost here.

I'm wearing my harems and zipper detailed hoodie-look-a-like from Cubus.

Little floral dress

I found this floral beauty in the childrens department, and I just had to buy it. I didn't try it on before buying it, which is a big no-no for some, but it fitted perfectly!I'm not at all happy with the picture quality, but so be it! It was already getting dark, and I found a little time to do a shoot with my new LFD. I was desperate, I even tried using blitz - and I do not use blitz!

I haven't had time to do any of my usual blogging and writing, and it's quite stressful. Four posts in ten days is a new low for me, especially since I loved the routine I had going on! But somewhere along the road I lost it. I need a vacation, and therefore my lover and I decided to run away to Spain this Christmas. We'll be staying in San Agustín for fourteen days and I can't wait to go! We are traveling on the 26th of December, which means I'm already two months behind on my packing; I guess I'll better get started. And maybe I'll be in a better blogging mood after the holidays!

I'm wearing KappAhl floral dress, Cubus faux-leather jacket, H&M dotted tight, JSFN bow shoes and that random pearl necklace which I got from my grandmother.

The Huffington Post

Daria Shualy from Sense of Fashion featured me in her column at The Huffington Post. The piece is about what to wear, and that you never can be overdressed. She decided to use the outfit which I entitled all in. Check it out here!
I've been a bad blogger this weekend, but hopefully next week will be better. Almost done with those Christmas presents, so I should be feeling a little less stressed. Maybe I'll have time to take some pictures, which I haven't been able to do in what feels like weeks!

Thrifted tutu, v.3

I decided to do a third version of my tutu, with a little help from your comments. This time I wore it as a dress. However, I'm not feeling very good these days, and not at all satisfied with these pictures, but hopefully it will pass soon.

I'm wearing the thrifted tutu, jacket from Forever21, leggings from Cubus, booties from Duffy and a random necklace.


I am featured on Chic.se and Fabset.com with the title of this weeks wardrobe! I'm really honored, it's so great! Thanks a lot!

Hulda Andersson, the fashion director of Chic.se says:
"With personality and finesse, Barbro shows her wardrobe through styled images in a lovely Norwegian environment of blue mountains, piles of wood, camp fires and the forest as background. She combines her clothes in a fantastical inspiring way, all supplied with a high degree of fashion"

Thrifted tutu, v.2

As I said yesterday, I wanted to try another version of my tutu-thingy today. This has a more romantic vibe to it, I think.Tomorrow I'm going to a Christmas party, and I'm really torn when it comes to a certain shoe-situation. I want to wear my purple GoJanes, but I'm afraid it will look overdone with my new dress. I'm going to discuss it a bit more with myself, then maybe ask for some advice from you guys.

I'm wearing the thrifted tutu-thingy, Cubus Paris tee, belt from another dress and thigh-high stockings, H&M hat and pearly necklace which was a gift from my grandmother.

Thrifted tutu

I changed my mind a couple of times today, which led to a change of clothes more than a couple of times. All I knew, was that I wanted to wear my thrifted tutu, which I bought in August when I was in Oslo during Fashion Week. I think I'll wear it tomorrow too, so I'll try to come up with something clever.

I'm wearing a thrifted tutu-ish skirt from Fretex, Cubus faux-leather jacket, belt from another dress, turtleneck sweater, bamboo leggings and thigh-high stockings. The boots are from JSFN.

White lies

I'm wearing white on the first of December, guess I'm inspired by the snow.
The best part is that I got this dress as a gift from my grandmother - and I almost believe it was destined to be mine, because the store received a very late shipment of autumn dresses and it went on sale the day we bought it.
I'm wearing my new white dress from Only, Cubus faux-leather jacket and thigh-high stockings, random belt and JSFN booties.

Full of grace

The second first snow has fallen, and today it keeps on falling. It's beautiful, alright - but cold. I prefer warm beauty.
The best part is though that I can snuggle up in warm knits, wear a turtleneck sweater and double my stockings. Drink warm coffee and watch a beautiful movie without feeling guilty.
It is also a perfect season to wear gifts made by grandmother;
wear less make-up, just so that those rosy cheeks pop out a little more,
and, why not wear it all backwards, just for that funny, yet secretive feeling. I recommend it.

I'm wearing Sara Kelly knitted dress backwards, Cubus turtleneck sweater and bamboo tights, random belt and X-it shoes. Inspirational song is Full of grace by Sarah McLachlan.