Viloux featured me! I'm honored, because they usually feature the top names in modeling and fashion. Thanks Art, I really appreciate it!

A helping hand

Our little town is covered in snow; a white blanket, of sorts. My lover kindly helped me take pictures of my outfit yesterday, and this is the result. Thank you for trying, darling!

Bad romance

"I want your ugly
I want your disease
I want your everything
As long as it’s free

I want your love"

Not so cold today. It's nice, but windy. I miss spring. Summer. I'll just sit here and wait. Only.. about six months. Counting the days.

I'm wearing Cubus faux-leather jacket and leggings, Only lace dress and those GoJane booties of mine. Addicted, yes. Lyrics from Bad romance by Lady GaGa.

White trash

"White Trash Beautiful, there's something you should know
My heart belongs to you
And you could've found a better guy
I'll love you till the day I die
I swear to God it's true
I'm comin' home to you"

Red tights are scary. Almost as scary as those velvet ones, when I first saw them. And wore them. I'm not sure what I think, yet. Help?

I'm wearing KappAhl blazer, White trash tee (backwards), Forever21 faux-leather shorts, Cubus red tights and those GoJane booties.
Lyrics from White trash beautiful by Everlast, I was hooked on this song when it was released in 2004.

A cold shoulder

There's something about the weather today that just says crisp. Cold, maybe.
And very wet. At one point I wasn't sure if my camera would survive.
Luckily, I think it did. I dried it with a towel when I got inside, along with my hair.
I see some picture give the impression that I was dancing around.
I was, indeed. A rain dance, of sorts. The kind that scares it away. I hope.
That said; I have to tell you that I'm addicted to my blazer. It goes with anything, and I love the hint of power-shoulders. I twirled the bottom of my shirt, which made a little black rose with a draped effect. Used a safety-pin to fasten it on the inside, in case you were curious. And, my butt did get when when I sat down. In case you were wondering about that too.

I'm wearing my Cubus velvet leggings and lace detailed shirt, H&M tunic-dress, KappAhl blazer, JSFN shoes and Only necklace. And; those red lips are thanks to IsaDora.

This week

I really haven't had the time to take any outfit pictures this weekend, which is kind of sad, since I always make time to do it. But, hopefully this week will be better. Been feeling very tired lately, probably because of the short days and darkness - but I found this little pick-me-up at FabSugar today! One of my outfits, which I so humorously called "blackout", made "Look of the Week".
Also, I'd like to add a little write-up to engage possible fans on Chictopia! As you may know, I'm up for Style Icon of the month, and I'd be thrilled if I ever were to become one. Of course, only if you think I deserve it! Check out the competition and pick your favorite(s) here - and if you need a referral code I think Barkatt777 still is possible to use.

Black velvet

Black velvet and that little boy’s smile
Black velvet with that slow southern style
A new religion that’ll bring ya to your knees
Black velvet if you please

I'm wearing Forever21 lace detailed dress, KappAhl blazer, Cubus velvet leggings and GoJane booties. Lyrics by Alannah Myles.


OK, I admit - I had some trouble walking to this location in these heels.
And, I sometimes had to hold on to something so that I didn't fall over.
And, I felt stupid standing there in the forest, kind of freezing.
But, hey - at least I remembered my jacket this time.
I'm wearing KappAhl blazer, Forever21 fringe top and faux-leather pants, H&M hat and GoJane boots.


I’m so addicted to my socks, I can’t seem to build an outfit without them these days.
It really is much warmer, which is suitable on cold Sundays, like this one.And I feel that everything else is boring. Or, is it just me that is boring?

I'm wearing Heritage 1981 blue dress, JSFN cardiganthingy with a vintage over sized safety-pin, H&M hat, Cubus scarf, Only socks, random tights and JSFN shoes.

Romantic rocker

I don't love pink.
I love you.
I compromised.

I'm wearing Cubus faux-leather jacket, Sara Kelly dress from Ellos, Random tights, chain necklace from a market, Only socks and JSFN shoes.

Minus five degrees celsius

Minus five degrees Celsius is cold - it's freezing, actually. It's twenty three Fahrenheit, and it has made out garden look like a frozen fairytale. I think it is too beautiful to keep for myself, and I have to share it.

I think I'm staying inside today, with my warm cup of coffee and wool socks.

Look of the day

"BarbroAndersen said it herself: she looks simple and comfortable. This layered lass is spot-on, head to toe. Speaking of head, lovin' that hat. It adds romance to an otherwise badass look. The thigh-high socks add further protection from the cold, while her lace-up boots help her trek the terrain."
- By FabSugar

I think they like me over at Fab Sugar! Thanks, guys <3

All over the place

I don't quite understand it, but I'm featured all over the place these days! But, I'm so happy you like my style and looks, I really appreciate it! Especially since I've been challenging myself the past couple of weeks, trying new things and spending a bit more time on the photographic part of my posts. Thank you for all of your sweet comments and support, I don't really know if I deserve it though!

Look of the day on

Featured look on Sense of

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And I got an award from Look10 !


Our garden is completely covered in ice cold leaves, and these little white wonders seem to inspire me a great deal. I love the edgy simplicity, and that sound they make when you step on them. A crunchy, kind of sad - but beautiful sound.
However, my pictures just feel all wrong today, I can't seem to get it right. My thoughts wander off, which clearly translates into my poses and my eyes;
but, that's OK - there's nothing I can do about it. I'll just try again tomorrow.
Until then.. Can you play me some music?

I'm wearing Cubus shirt-tunic and faux-leather jacket, random tights, Only stockings, H&M hat and JSFN shoes.