What I wore

Another little feature on the amazing site: Weardrobe !
Thank you so much, I don't know what else to say :)

Paris in leather

I put Paris in leather, and it does not look too shabby - if I can say so myself. Just give me a ticket, I am ready to go.

Jacket and faux-leather shorts from Forever21, Paris tee and leggings from Cubus, hat from H&M and shoes from Ellos.

A little bit of love

Chictopia loves me, thank you guys!

Brown boot blues

Outfit 231009
Outfit 231009 2
Outfit 231009 4
Outfit 231009 5
It's been five days since my last post, actually. I look like a wreck, which pretty much explains how I feel too. Please, give me some energy - at least something to get through the Monday-blues. Feeling uninspired and tired these days, in spite of many new purchases. Got invited to a VIP-sale at Cubus with 50% off on the whole collection, and of course I had to go. Spent more than I should, and when I say more; I mean A LOT - but, I don't kiss and tell.

I rarely wear my brown boots, mostly because I don't think it fits me, but I tried them on with my new plaid shirt and four other items from Cubus. I still don't know what I think. The shoes are from a random sale in Oslo, which I only paid 100 Nok ($18) for.

Sense of Fashion

I was featured on Sense of Fashion, along with some very stylish girls - thank you so much guys <3

Little red dress

Last night I celebrated two different birthdays in two different locations, went to the pub and yet another party. I went to sleep at 8 a.m this morning. I'm tired, and I feel very old today.

I'm wearing Only dress, Cubus leggings, KappAhl cropped blazer and JSFN shoes

Zip it up

I'm all zipped up today

I think my body is being stupid and hard to work with these days, and it makes me feel quite unpose-able.

Trying to copy the stylish bun and generally just experimenting a bit with my hair. It actually made me look a bit taller, but that could also be wishful thinking.

I need more practice!

I'm wearing Zippy-top from Cubus, stockings from Only, bracelets from H&M and shoes from Nelly

Just saying

I woke up five times this morning, freezing my ass off every single time, made the worst coffee I've ever made my entire life, put my faux-furry jacket on, went outside, locked the door, was halfway down to the car when I realized I still had my ugly relaxy-pants on, ran up to change, unlocked the door, put on mascara, ran outside again, locked the door, first cat came screaming and wanted to go inside, unlocked the door, let her in, locket the door, second cat came screaming from nowhere, unlocked the door, locked the door, started walking to the car, unlocked the car, though I left my phone inside, locked the car, ran to the front door again, unlocked it, found the phone in the pocket of my jacket (which I was wearing), locket the door, unlocked the car, drove to Neverdal half-asleep, backed my car into a ditch, got myself and the car out of the ditch, parked outside the school, locked the car, went inside to get my cousin, unlocked the car, forgot to turn of the lights on the car, barely got the car going again, drove home and went to sleep again. Just saying.

What I wore

Simple for the birthday party on Saturday, with a black and white classy kind-of-theme. Maybe a bit boring, but I was feeling so lousy - nothing seemed to fit me and everything was just crap. As if that wasn't enough; my jacket went missing! It makes me really sad, because it was my absolute favorite! Hopefully it will find its way home again <3

I'm wearing Forever21 lace dress, KappAhl cropped blazer, knee-high ruffled-up stockings, JSFN shoes, scarf and hat from H&M.

White October

Winter came early this year;
- and it's cold, very cold.
I should be wearing a jacket, but I wasn't planning on going anywhere just yet.
I didn't even put on any make-up. Saving that for later, I guess. Going to a black and white themed birthday party, and I have no idea of what to wear!

I'm wearing Only thights, second hand boots which belongs to my mother, knitted short-sleeved dressthingy from Ellos and a random belt.

Bedtime fashionstories

It's actually been raining for a month; and no, I am not kidding - a whole month.
This really affects my mood, and makes me want to spend whole days in bed - just reading, relaxing and reflecting.
It can be interesting, but mostly it's just boring.
I try to search for inspiration; but both my creativity and patience is tested..
- and I wonder; does this book make me look smart? :p

I'm wearing a knitted dress from Ellos by Sara Kelly, random belt, random tights and knitted socks from my grandmother. And of course those glasses from the embarrassing coolshop.


I was playing with my hair out of boredom today, and I decided to make a bow. This is the outcome.
Not bad for a first try - but I really don't think it suits me. I look like Mini Mouse;
- and suddenly feel the urge to hide from my cats. One of them actually attacked me! Bad kitty!